Kettle Valley Railway Columbia and Western Railway CAW Boundary Pathway/Castlegar to Midway Topo Map

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The C&W was originally chartered in 1896 by Fritz Heinze, with the objective to ensure a reliable connection between his smelter in Trail and the markets, without having his hands tied by either Daniel Corbin with the Spokane Falls & Northern Railway or the Columbia & Kootenay Steam & Navigation Company. His planned route was to Penticton, but if dissatisfied with the connection there to the CPR, he planned to take his railway to the coast. In spite of his grand plans, Heinze sold the C&W to CPR in 1898. CPR started construction from Castlegar in 1898, reaching Grand Forks in September of 1899. By 1900 the line reached Midway, with a spur line from Eholt to Phoenix, and a spur from Eholt to the Emma mine. A branch line was built to Deadwood, running behind the smelter at Anaconda. In 1992 the line was abandoned and the tracks removed.
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