Lake Louise Tramline Trail Topo Map

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Before roads were built and automobiles honked their way through the Rockies, this route was the sole domain of horsepackers and locomotives. Between 1913 and 1930 an open-roofed tram carried visitors from the train station to Chateau Lake Louise along this historic route. While the tracks may be gone, the trail remains, and today it forms a great 3-mile point-to-point access between the village and the lake. Since the change in elevation between the lower and upper trailheads is 686 feet, the ride is preferable in the downhill direction. One advantage to riding the trail uphill is the feeling you have that you're a part of history, following the route of countless early visitors to the chateau. And like those early visitors, you feel awe as you first set eyes on this magical lake. currently offers topo maps from the entire United States. We plan to expand our topomap database in the future, however this map is not available at this time. Thank you for your understanding.