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Phelps, Wisconsin

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Winter Trails: Wisconsin


Winter Trails: Wisconsin

by Phil Van Valkenberg (The Globe Pequot Press)


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Activity Type: Cross-Country Skiing
Nearby City: Phelps
Distance: 1.6
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Easy
Duration: Day use
Trailhead Elevation: 1,720 feet
Top Elevation: feet
Local Contacts: Minocqua Winter Park
Trail/Surface Quality: Groomed frequently, single tracked, skate lane.
Driving Directions: Directions to #1 Trail

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Afterglow Resort ski trails loop around the lake and also zigzap through another 240 acres of forested land. A pretty ski for those that like to take in the scenery as well as get a good workout. We saw a porcupine in a tree this morning! Trails are amazingly groomed. Pete, the owner, goes out every morning at 4:00 am. to make sure they are perfect for the early skiiers. There are a variety of trails for those beginning to those that like hills. I can't wait to go and ski this trail when winter comes around. A true favorite.


This trail seemed very nice... except for the management. I parked at a parking lot that said "Phelps Ski Trail" and hit the trail with my girlfriend and two dogs. We soon crossed the road and passed a few signs that said we had to register at the resort for permission to ski the trails. There were no further directions on where this resort was or where to park. Instead of going back to the car, packing everything back up, and heading down the road, I simply took the shortest trail towards what I thought was probably the resort. I went to check in and the guy flipped out when he heard what we had done. He was genuinely pissed off and insulted that I would have "deliberately trespassed" and brought *gasp* dogs! There were no signs on the way in forbidding my four-legged friends. The guy was not friendly or helpful in the least and is enough of a reason for me to never return. The trails themselves, of what we saw of them, seemed well maintained; it's a shame the guy is such a jerk. While I accept some responsibility for all this, it would have been easy to put up a few signs in the first parking lot, and there's no excuse for his lack of respect and consideration.

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