Mission Trails Regional Park Combined Trails Loop

La Mesa, California

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4 out of 5
This nature lovers’ mecca in the middle of suburbia is a favorite of hikers, cyclists, and dog walkers.
60 Hikes within 60 Miles: San Diego


60 Hikes within 60 Miles: San Diego

by Sheri McGregor (Menasha Ridge Press)

This nature lovers’ mecca in the middle of suburbia is a favorite of hikers, cyclists, and dog walkers.

©  Sheri McGregor/Menasha Ridge Press. All Rights Reserved.

Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: La Mesa
Distance: 4.2
Trail Type: Out-and-back
Skill Level: Easy
Duration: 3 hours
Season: Year-round
Local Contacts: Mission Trails Regional Park
Driving Directions: Directions to Mission Trails Regional Park: Combined Trails Loop

Recent Trail Reviews


This was a great hike. The way down to the falls was pretty challenging but not so hard. Its the way back up that kills but it is worth it.


Did this hike in the spring and the waterfalls were kickin and the wildflowers were in full bloom. By far the best local hike so far.


My girlfriend and I did the hike to the three sisters today, and i must admit it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be after reading these reviews. We hit the trailhead at 9:45am and it was already 79 degrees or so. Don't get me wrong though, this is definitely a challenging hike, and it was even tougher in the heat. It was 92 degrees when we got back to the car. The water level was really low and unfortunately there were no waterfalls to be seen. The pools had a lot of algae and mosquitos, so swimming wasn't an option. It was still a great hike and i can't wait to go back in the fall and see the sisters in all their glory. They were really thirsty today and so were we hiking back up in the heat. We brought two camelbacks full of water, and good thing we did, because we used it all.


This is by far the most spectacular waterfall hike in the county. However, know what poison oak looks like because it is everywhere! Also, this trail is very steep and one section is a rope assisted climb down a 15' high rocky face. The trip out is much more challenging than you would assume for such a short hike.


This hike is NO JOKE! "Moderately-Strenuous" is the very best you could call it. My boyfriend and I are avid and experienced hikers, but this trail mastered both of us, myself from heat-stroke and he with a severe ligament damage to his ankle. The worst part is that we finally made it to the shady flat creek bed, but I was so sick, that we never made it to the falls for a swim. The temperature reached 105 that day and on a different day we may have had a better experience. As it was, we spent an unplanned overnight there on the canyon floor and hiked out early the next morning. By the time we made it to our car it was only 7:30am, but the temperature was already in the mid 90s. I wouldn't recommend going any later than the end of April and only if you are very very experienced.

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