Grey Meadow Loop

Johnsondale, California

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4 out of 5
A fine early- or late-season low-elevation day hike or weekend backpack.
Hiking California's Golden Trout Wilderness


Hiking California's Golden Trout Wilderness

by Suzanne Swedo (Falcon Guides)

A fine early- or late-season low-elevation day hike or weekend backpack.

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Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: Johnsondale
Distance: 13.6
Elevation Gain: 1,860 feet
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Moderate to Difficult
Season: Spring through fall; July through August can be hot
Trailhead Elevation: 5,950 feet
Top Elevation: 6,950 feet
Local Contacts: Golden Trout Wilderness
Local Maps: USGS Camp Nelson, Hockett Peak
Topo Map: Grey Meadow Loop Topographic Map
Guide Book: Hiking California's Golden Trout Wilderness Guide Book
Driving Directions: View Directions
Trail Directions: View Guide

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Beautiful hike that we did as an overnighter. The water was a bit high at the stream crossings due to heavy rains this year - we had to take off our boots and socks and cross balancing on a fallen tree. We saw a couple of horseback riders and one backpacker, but were generally alone in the wilderness. The hike is not terribly difficult and definately worth the work. Enjoy!


Fall seems like the perfect time of year for this hike. Low enough elevation it did not get too cold & the colors are amazing. It is a nice hike for a weekend to get away, and good for beginners. It is mainly traveled by horse packers, though we saw no one on our adventure. There are some beautiful big trees and beautiful vistas. Be warned the trail is not well marked, make sure to have a map, preferably a topo. Being in the Wilderness area fires are permited year round, with a permit from the ranger station which is closed weekends in the late fall. It is also possible to take dogs. There was water in Fish Creek, we (myself and the ranger station) weren't sure if there would be this time of year. Over all we had a wonderful trip, the only negative being the unmarked trail at times.

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