Big Walnut Creek Nature Preserve Tall Timbers Trail

Bainbridge, Indiana

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3 out of 5
This trail skirts a bluff before looping through a broad, deep ravine.
Hiking Indiana


Hiking Indiana

by Phil Bloom (Falcon Guides)

This trail skirts a bluff before looping through a broad, deep ravine.

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Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: Bainbridge
Distance: 1.7
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Moderate
Duration: 1 hour
Season: Year-round
Local Maps: USGS: Roachdale
Topo Map: Big Walnut Creek Nature Preserve: Tall Timbers Trail Topographic Map
Guide Book: Hiking Indiana Guide Book
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My friend and I decided to hike this trail. We were diaapointed that we could not find much information on the trail but did obtain a map from DNR prior to going. All the rewiews that we read advised to cash water and that is what we did because even though we had an inch of rain on friday night all the creeks were dry. That is what you get for hiking in Karst area. So other than that the other complaint we heard was that the trail was not well marked. Either they have done more marking or there have been more people on the trail to make it more defined. We had very little trouble finding the trail. So we started in the state park parked at the camp ground and joind the trail around the Iron Bridge. We hiked counter clock wise because that seems to be the direction that everyone goes and stopped at the SR462 leading in to the park. We stopped becuase it was so hot we could not stay hydrated. I do have to say it was a nice trail though and I would like to hike the rest some time. We hiked just over half. Started on 5 Friday went to the burned out old Ohio River Shelter and were off trail by 4 Saturday. We averaged just around 2 mph. Keep in mind that you go down one ridge just to go up the other side it was very pretty and quit only saw one other couple on the trail. Maps obtained at the park office were use d as fire starter that was all they were good for. I would get the maps for all the horse trails if I go again because it would have been nice to hike in the woods back other than along the road but it was how we knew to get back. But over all weather asside a good hike.


Took a Boy Scout Troop and the older boys did the Eastern half, while the younger boys did the Northwestern area. Trails overall are not well marked. Did not get too far off trail, but it is lightly traveled and could use some maintenance. Overall everybody found it a really good backpacking trip of 2 days/nights. Forced everybody to really pay attention and learn how to read the maps and trails. It was a different kind of challenge since it is not well-maintained or marked. You do need to stash water and you need to plan ahead where to do so. The creeks are all dry this time of year, don't know about the spring. Could not find good maps, but the state park provided enough to get by. The older boys are interested in going back with more time to do the entire loop, and found it a different kind of hike than the Knobstone, Red River, or Smokies.

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