Washington State Parks Trails

To find trails in Washington state parks for activities such as hiking and biking, select a region or trail below.

Carr Inlet: Horsehead Bay, Cutts Island State Park, and Kopachuck State Park :: Rosedale, WA

If you live south of Seattle, this is a short, easy trip, ideal for those with limited saltwater experience, or for families. Distances between stopovers are not long, and there are plenty of shore attractions and beaches with warm water for wading a

Potlatch State Park to Twin Harbors State Park :: Hoodsport, WA

This section of the Inland Route takes you through the southern reaches of Puget Sound country and then turns west to the Pacific Coast. With no specific stops or side trips between Potlatch and Twin Harbors State Parks, you can concentrate solely on

Old Fort Townsend State Park to Potlatch State Park :: Port Townsend, WA

Weaving south through the byways of Puget Sound country, the Inland Route heads across a peninsula, dividing the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Puget Sound, then climbs the side of a steep mountain before descending to the shores of Hood Canal. The cana

Columbia Plateau Campgrounds :: Moses Lake, WA

The Columbia River winds through central and eastern Washington like a dropped bootlace, flowing in all directions of the compass. Because of all the hydroelectric dams, vast sections of the river are actually lakes, and opportunities for outdoor act

South Puget Sound and Western South Cascades Campgrounds :: Olympia, WA

The region covered in this eTrail include the Olympia area, Capital Forest, Vancouver area, Mt. St. Helens area, Highway 410, Highway 12, and the South Cascade Mountains west of the Cascade Crest. Campgrounds included in this eTrail are: Adams Fork,

St. Edward State Park / Big Finn Hill County Park :: Bothell, WA

St. Edward State Park is just off of Lake Washington but you don't get any real lake views by bike except at the bottom of the Seminary Trail (which is actually a dirt road). The views are of the trails before you, the trees and brush, ferns, and som

Saint Edwards State Park & Big Finn Hill King County Park :: Kirkland, WA

Side by side, Saint Edwards State and Big Finn Hill Parks provide fat-tire zealots with 372 acres of trails that twist, turn, roll, drop, and climb over roots, rocks, gravel, hard-pack singletrack, jumps, bumps, logs, man-made obstacles, dusty loose

Saint Edward State Park and Big Finn Hill Park :: Seattle, WA

These two adjoining state and county parks provide a woodsy suburban setting for mountain bikers to improve their riding abilities. Novice mountain-bike riders can test their skills on some forgiving trails at Saint Edward State Park, home to an ab

Deception Pass State Park—Goose Rock :: Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, WA

At 484 feet, Goose Rock, in Deception Pass State Park, is the highest point on Whidbey Island. And Deception Pass is also considered Washington’s most popular state park. Is it any wonder? The park offers three campgrounds, the Cornet Bay Retreat Cen

Lake Sylvia State Park :: Montesano, WA

Lake Sylvia State Park has something for everyone: logging history and operations, a dam, a thirty-acre lake, camping, picnicking, and any number of great trails to explore. Two of these trails—the Sylvia Creek Forestry Trail and the Two Mile Trail—a

Auburn to Flaming Geyser State Park :: Auburn, WA

South King County is home to some excellent road biking, along rural roads and through lush farming communities. This route, heading east from Auburn, skirts new development, visits the small town of Black Diamond with a great bakery, and returns thr

Wallace Falls State Park :: Gold Bar, WA

Wallace Falls’ easy access and non-technical biking and hiking trails make the state park a popular destination for Puget Sound outdoor enthusiasts. The trail contains a variety of terrain that nearly any weekend warrior can handle. The climb to the

Mt. Spokane State Park: Mt. Kit Carson / Day Mountain Loop :: Mead, WA

The gravel roads, doubletrack, and cross-country ski trails at Mt. Spokane provide great riding and excellent explorability; this ride highlights some bonafide singletrack within the park. It treats riders to a pleasant, moderate, dirt road climb thr

Mt. Spokane State Park :: Mead, WA

One of Mt. Spokane's chief attractions is winter recreation. Mountain biking and a spectacular summit view are the main draws for visitors during the summer months. The park's cross-country ski trails are popular with beginning mountain bikers, whil

Riverside State Park: "Rattlesnake" :: Spokane, WA

The initial gravel road is a 0.3-mile, 140-foot climb to the singletrack. The trail wanders another 180 feet up to the north side of Pine Bluff and down to the river through ponderosa pines, rock formations, some grassland, and low-lying shrubs. T

Riverside State Park :: Spokane, WA

Riverside State Park contains 8,000 acres of prime recreation land in the middle of Spokane. The area is crisscrossed with miles of trails, most of which are open to mountain bikes. The paths offer fun cycling to riders of all ability levels. One of

Iron Horse State Park: John Wayne Pioneer Trail, South Cle Elum to Easton :: Cle Elum, WA

This 11.5-mile (each way) section of the trail travels by some residences, rural lowlands with mountainous backdrops, pine transitional forest, and makes tow passes over the Yakima River and feeder creek crossovers as well. Wildlife viewing can be bo

Iron Horse State Park: Snoqualmie Tunnel :: Hyak, WA

Ever want to go on a night ride- during the day? The Snoqualmie Tunnel, on the Milwaukee Railroad grade, affords that unique opportunity with a 2.3-mile tunnel through, not over, Snoqualmie Pass. The flat, smooth, gravel rail-trail is suitable for be

Lake Sylvia State Park :: Grays Harbor, WA

Lake Sylvia State Park has something for everyone: logging history and operations, a dam, a 30-acre lake, camping, picnicking, and any number of great trails to explore. Two of these trails—the Sylvia Creek Forestry Trail and the Lake Trail—are featu

Anacortes Ferry Dock to Old Fort Townsend State Park :: Anacortes, WA

The short ride from the Anacortes ferry dock to Old Fort Townsend State Park is designed to allow plenty of time in the morning for the long, leisurely ferry trip from Sidney or one of the San Juan Islands to Anacortes and later in the day a second f

Twin Harbors State Park to Bay Center :: Grayland, WA

The southern coastline of Washington is broken by large bays, which force the route to turn inland below Twin Harbors State Park. Cyclists can expect a lot of tree plantations with occasional views of either the ocean or vast mud flats (depending on

Quinault Lake to Twin Harbors State Park :: Amanda Park, WA

The summer route heads west on country roads to return to the salt-tanged air of the Pacific Ocean at Copalis Beach. Grocery stores, motels, RV campgrounds, restaurants, beach cabins, and tourist shops abound. Some of these long, sandy beaches are op

Bogachiel River: Bogachiel State Park to Confluence :: Forks , WA

The Bogachiel River (whose name means “muddy waters”) is a frequently flooding river of the Olympic Peninsula, one that has occasionally washed out US 101. It is also a prime steelhead stream and receives much fishing pressure. Most of its course f

Jarrell Cove State Park :: Longbranch, WA

Located along the western shore of Harstine Island, this 11.5-acre state park is a low-key destination that can be accessed easily from Tacoma or the Bremerton area via the Key Peninsula.

Spencer Spit State Park Trail :: Lopez Island, WA

A child-fascinating sand spit encloses a saltwater lagoon in a state park on Lopez Island. Homesteaded at the beginning of the century, the spit houses a replica of the original cabin at its tip, inviting children to come and play in it. Two mirage

Lime Kiln State Park Trail :: Friday Harbor, WA

Here in a state park on San Juan Island are opportunities to view passing whales and a 1919 lighthouse, along with a reconstructed beachside furnace where limestone used to be cooked down, then shipped all over the world. Be certain to check the fe

Deception Pass State Park Trail :: Similk Beach, WA

Deception Pass is an ideal place to take children for a day, a weekend, or a week, offering lots of sand to shovel, scoop, and play in; a mammoth bridge to gaze up at; eagles to spot; boats to watch; and numerous forest trails to explore.

Wallace Falls State Park Trail :: Gold Bar, WA

Wallace Falls is a spectacular cataract that is visible as far as the Stevens Pass highway, miles away. In recent years, it has become easily accessible. The trail is short, sometimes steep, and can be muddy in spring and fall. However, the low eleva

Twin Falls State Park Trail :: North Bend, WA

This Washington State Parks trail was rebuilt in late 1989, as compensation for a new hydroelectric project, the Weeks Falls Power Plant, farther up the river. The walk through magnificent old-growth forest leads to views of two South Fork Snoqualmie

Beacon Rock State Park Trail :: Skamania, WA

The most famous rock in the Columbia Gorge makes a short and exciting hike for children, safe enough if they understand the hazards of stepping off the railed pathways. In 1915, Henry Biddle, Beacon Rock’s original owner, began building the trail, so

Bogachiel River State Park Trail :: Port Angeles, WA

An elk-groomed rain-forest river valley offers families all of the primitive magic of the Hoh area, without the crowds. Huge, moss-shrouded second-growth maples and alders lean over the trail, then give way to even more beautiful old-growth forest pr

Leadbetter Point State Park Trail :: Ocean Park, WA

Blue herons and geese winter here; in the spring, hundreds of thousands of shorebirds migrate through with a great rushing of wings; and in the summer, endangered snowy plovers nest, protected, in the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. You can follow

St. Edwards State Park :: Kirkland, WA

St. Edwards State Park offers more than 7 miles of meandering forest and waterfront trail, which can be combined to create a scenic and challenging workout. The trails traverse up and down the high bank of the waterfront, meeting fairly level connect

Bridle Trails State Park :: Kirkland, WA

In the middle of the busy “east side” is a 482-acre, second-growth forest park crisscrossed with more than 28 miles of trail. Such a wonderful find so close to Interstate 405! The trails are well maintained, though often muddy in the winter. The terr

Fort Canby State Park :: Ilwaco, WA

This fun route combines three short trails in Fort Canby State Park and takes you through an old-growth Sitka spruce forest, along scenic rocky coastline, and to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and the historic Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

Fort Canby State Park :: Long Beach, WA

This fun route combines three short trails in Fort Canby State Park that take you through an old-growth Sitka spruce forest, along scenic rocky coastline, and to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and the historic Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

Day Mountain Loop Trail- Mount Spokane State Park :: Spokane, WA

Rising above the Spokane Valley and neighboring Rathdrum Prairie, 5883- foot Mount Spokane is a prominent local landmark. A southern outpost of the Selkirk Mountains, it’s also a local favorite spot for outdoor recreation, particularly for skiers and

Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park Backcountry :: Vantage, WA

The old highway from Vantage, an old settlers’ road, drops down a steep canyon to a crossing of the Columbia River—before the Wanapum Dam went in, the road crossed the river here. Now the roadway simply disappears into the river. Still, from this rou

Bowman Bay/Deception Pass State Park Campground :: Oak Harbor, WA

Washington State Parks are seldom escapes from the crowds, and Deception Pass State Park is no exception to this. They are, however, almost always delightful escapes from the ordinary, and Deception Pass reigns supreme in this department. The park e

Fort Ebey State Park Campground :: Coupeville, WA

Situated in blissfully underdeveloped waterfront beauty, Fort Ebey is increasingly popular among tent campers and others looking to escape urban life without having to travel too far.

Illahee State Park Campground :: Bremerton, WA

Here is one of those classic Northwest spots that makes spontaneous car camping such a delightful proposition in this region. Situated on a high bluff that guards the southern entrance to Port Orchard Passage, Illahee State Park is a gem of a dest

Larrabee State Park Campground :: Bellingham, WA

Camping within 7 miles of an urban center doesn’t qualify as a true wilderness escape. But when time, inclination, or myriad other factors don’t allow you to throw yourself into a far-flung adventure, the unspoiled pleasure of Larrabee State Park can

Obstruction Pass State Park Campground :: Olga, WA

Obstruction Pass is a place of quiet blessings and simple pleasures. From the trailhead, three footpaths descend through 80 acres of old-growth forest. Eagles and ospreys abound, and the air is full of screeching of the Stellar's jays. Seals are not

Spencer Spit State Park Campground :: Lopez Island, WA

A book about car camping in the Northwest would not be complete without at least one listing from the beautiful San Juan Islands archipelago. Selecting one is relatively easy, actually, despite the fact that the San Juan Islands unofficially include

Beacon Rock State Park Campground :: Camas, WA

Beacon Rock, once known as Castle Rock but renamed by Lewis and Clark in 1805, towers 848 feet above the mighty Columbia River in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and is second only to the Rock of Gibraltar in size. Several smaller but

Brooks Memorial State Park Campground :: Goldendale, WA

In the early days of my short-lived career as a river-rafting guide, I was part of the historic first commercial descent of the Klickitat River, a small, lively, and rapidly dropping tumble of water that courses off the slopes of Gilbert Peak high in

Palouse Falls State Park Campground :: Starbuck, WA

I happened to pick up a copy of Ron Judd’s Camping! Washington (Sasquatch Books) not long after I got back from a research trip to southeastern Washington and was thumbing through that section of his book. I laughed out loud when I read his entry for

Lime Kiln Point State Park - San Juan Island :: Friday Harbor, WA

A short loop along the west shore of San Juan Island, where you can spot whales and learn about the past at the historic lighthouse and lime kiln operation. Better known as a whale-watching destination than a hiking area, Lime Kiln Point State Park

Spencer Spit State Park - Lopez Island :: Lopez Island, WA

A short hike to explore the tide pools and marshes around this interesting spit on the east side of Lopez Island. More known for its camping than hiking trails, Spencer Spit nevertheless makes a rewarding stop if you’re looking for a short walk on Lo