Washington State Parks Trails

To find trails in Washington state parks for activities such as hiking and biking, select a region or trail below.

Old Fort Townsend State Park to Potlatch State Park :: Port Townsend, WA

Weaving south through the byways of Puget Sound country, the Inland Route heads across a peninsula, dividing the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Puget Sound, then climbs the side of a steep mountain before descending to the shores of Hood Canal. The cana

Potlatch State Park to Twin Harbors State Park :: Hoodsport, WA

This section of the Inland Route takes you through the southern reaches of Puget Sound country and then turns west to the Pacific Coast. With no specific stops or side trips between Potlatch and Twin Harbors State Parks, you can concentrate solely on

Carr Inlet: Horsehead Bay, Cutts Island State Park, and Kopachuck State Park :: Rosedale, WA

If you live south of Seattle, this is a short, easy trip, ideal for those with limited saltwater experience, or for families. Distances between stopovers are not long, and there are plenty of shore attractions and beaches with warm water for wading a

Deception Pass State Park—Goose Rock :: Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, WA

At 484 feet, Goose Rock, in Deception Pass State Park, is the highest point on Whidbey Island. And Deception Pass is also considered Washington’s most popular state park. Is it any wonder? The park offers three campgrounds, the Cornet Bay Retreat Cen

St. Edward State Park / Big Finn Hill County Park :: Bothell, WA

St. Edward State Park is just off of Lake Washington but you don't get any real lake views by bike except at the bottom of the Seminary Trail (which is actually a dirt road). The views are of the trails before you, the trees and brush, ferns, and som

Saint Edwards State Park & Big Finn Hill King County Park :: Kirkland, WA

Side by side, Saint Edwards State and Big Finn Hill Parks provide fat-tire zealots with 372 acres of trails that twist, turn, roll, drop, and climb over roots, rocks, gravel, hard-pack singletrack, jumps, bumps, logs, man-made obstacles, dusty loose

Saint Edward State Park and Big Finn Hill Park :: Seattle, WA

These two adjoining state and county parks provide a woodsy suburban setting for mountain bikers to improve their riding abilities. Novice mountain-bike riders can test their skills on some forgiving trails at Saint Edward State Park, home to an ab

Schafer State Park :: Elma, WA

This nice, 119-acre family campground features nearly a mile of shoreline on the East Fork Satsop River. The main attraction is the abundant fishing for steelhead, cutthroat trout, and salmon. This heavily wooded park was donated to the state by Scha

Birch Bay State Park :: Blaine, WA

A mile-long, sandy beach along Birch Bay is the major draw of this 194-acre park. Kayaking is popular, and there is a primitive boat ramp. The campground is surrounded by tall cedars and hemlocks where large fir stumps remain from logging done at the

Bay View State Park :: Burlington, WA

This 25-acre park was formerly a baseball field, a racetrack, and a local picnic area. It features a grassy expanse plus 1,285 feet of saltwater shoreline on Padilla Bay. The camping area sits on a hill above the road. To get to the gravel beach, you

Sequim Bay State Park :: Sequim, WA

Sequim (pronounced skwim) is a Coast Salish word meaning “quiet waters,” and Sequim Bay truly is calm. That is due to a pair of naturally occurring and overlapping sand spits at the bay’s entrance that force sailors to take a zigzag course into the b

Fort Worden State Park :: Port Townsend, WA

This big, magnificent park encompasses 434 acres and offers 2 miles of saltwater shoreline on Admiralty Inlet and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The campground is very popular with sea kayakers, scuba divers, and hikers for the 6 miles of hiking trai

Fort Townsend Historical State Park :: Port Townsend, WA

This 367-acre park sits above a 150-foot cliff, overlooking Port Townsend Bay, the islands of central Puget Sound, and the Cascade Mountains. The US Army fort, built in 1856 from hand-hewn logs and clamshell plaster, was established to protect settle

Fort Flagler State Park :: Marrowstone Island, WA

This marine park covers 784 acres, rests on a high bluff overlooking Puget Sound, and is surrounded on three sides by Admiralty Inlet with 3.6 miles of saltwater shoreline. This is definitely a complete park, almost luxurious, with activities to suit

Twanoh State Park :: Belfair, WA

Twanoh State Park covers 182 acres and features 3,167 feet of beautiful saltwater shoreline. It has good hiking trails, and fishermen appreciate the proximity to oysters, crabs, and perch. Check for toxin alerts. The park buildings were construct

Scenic Beach State Park :: Bremerton, WA

This 88-acre campground, one of the loveliest in the Washington system, features 1,500 feet of gravelly saltwater frontage on Hood Canal, a nature trail, and great views of the Olympic Mountains. It sits on the bluff in a forest of western red cedars

Potlatch State Park :: Hoodsport, WA

Potlatch covers 57 acres and features 5,700 feet of saltwater shoreline on Hood Canal. Skokomish and Twanoh Indians once gathered here to hold potlatches, or gift-giving ceremonies. Later the cabins and hotel of Minerva Resort were built on the site.

Penrose Point State Park :: Lakebay, WA

This park was built out of a former swamp. A petroglyph etched into the rock in inner Mayo Cove indicates that American Indians once occupied the area. The majority of the park is covered in natural forest and is crisscrossed by 2.5 miles of hiking a

Manchester State Park :: Port Orchard, WA

The park covers 111 acres and offers 3,400 feet of saltwater shoreline on Rich Passage. Well off the beaten track for campers, the campground is usually not crowded. Yet it is just 6 miles northeast of Port Orchard, a popular antiques-shopping town.

Kitsap Memorial State Park :: Poulsbo, WA

Trails to the beach offer sweeping views of Hood Canal and the Olympic Peninsula. There is also a 1-mile wooded trail. Bottom fishing is reportedly good. From Bremerton on the Kitsap Peninsula, drive north on WA 3 for 19 miles. The entrance to the

Joemma Beach State Park :: Longbranch, WA

This 122-acre marine park with 3,000 feet of saltwater frontage on Whiteman Cove was developed with help from the Olympia Outboard Motor Club and the Mission Creek Youth Camp. The oyster tracts off Whiteman Cove at Joemma Beach are operated by a loca

Jarrell Cove State Park :: Shelton, WA

This wooded campground covers 43 acres and features 3,500 feet of saltwater shoreline on Pickering Passage. Swimming is possible, but the main attraction is boating in the protected cove. The site was named for the first woman settler on the island,

Illahee State Park :: Bremerton, WA

This park on the outskirts of Bremerton covers 75 acres and features 1,785 feet of saltwater frontage on Port Orchard Bay and a veterans war memorial. The campsites are on a bluff above a relatively rocky beach in a second-growth forest. Drink in the

Dosewallips State Park :: Brinnon, WA

This 425-acre park encompasses 5,500 feet of saltwater shoreline on Hood Canal and 5,400 feet of freshwater frontage on each bank of the Dosewallips River. There are 4 miles of hiking trails winding up the steep hills that rise from the beach. Amo

Belfair State Park :: Belfair, WA

This 62-acre campground features 3,720 feet of shoreline on Hood Canal. A 300-foot swimming beach abuts an enclosed man-made saltwater basin, controlled by a tide gate. The beaches are sometimes closed to clam and oyster harvesting due to pollution a

Twin Harbors State Park :: Westport, WA

Named for its location between Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor, this park was a US Army training ground during the 1930s. This 172-acre park is truly a beach lover’s paradise, and the sand dunes are especially appealing. There is even a Shifting Sands N

Pacific Beach State Park :: Pacific Beach, WA

The unusual in-town location of this park makes it very popular with campers who like the best of both worlds. It tends to stay full in the warm months. Originally a private campground, it was purchased by the state to ensure public access to the bea

Ocean City State Park :: Ocean Shores, WA

Ocean City State Park encompasses 170 acres, including 2,980 feet of coastline. The state’s purchase of the land in 1960 ensured permanent public access to the beach. American Indians of the region traditionally made regular seasonal stops here to hu

Grayland Beach State Park :: Aberdeen, WA

This state park features nearly 1.5 miles of wide, sandy beach. On a hot summer day, you would swear this was southern California—until you touched the water, that is. It is a good 15–20 degrees colder here. Sand dunes stretch for a few miles to

Cape Disappointment State Park :: Ilwaco, WA

This is a mighty nice campground considering the rugged terrain and brutish winter weather. It was here, at Cape Disappointment, that Lewis and Clark finally reached the Pacific Ocean in 1805. The campsites are on the sea side of this 1,882-acre p

Lake Sylvia State Park :: Montesano, WA

Lake Sylvia State Park encompasses 233 acres and features 15,000 feet of shoreline, 270 feet of which are a developed swimming beach. Other attractions are a swimming float and 5 miles of hiking trails. The lake was formed when Sylvia Creek was d

Bogachiel State Park :: Forks, WA

This sizable campground covers 123 acres and features 2,800 feet of shoreline frontage along the Bogachiel River. It is a good location for steelhead fishing along the river or hiking on 0.5 mile of marked trails nearby. “It isn’t the end of the

Perimeter Loop at Battle Ground Lake State Park :: Vancouver, WA

This trail could be run separately or as an addition to the Lower or Upper Loop routes for a longer effort. A mixture of singletrack terrain and wider pathways weaves in and out of the forest. This easily followed run, with some signage, also inc

Upper Lake Loop at Battle Ground Lakes State Park :: Vancouver, WA

This route includes some paved sections through the campground and is a mixture of singletrack and wider pathways on rolling terrain. From Portland, head north on I-5 and take exit 11 toward Battle Ground State Park. Head east and follow the sign

Lower Lake Loop at Battle Ground Lake State Park :: Vancouver, WA

Within the 280 acres of Battle Ground Lake State Park are 10 miles of hiking trails, 5 miles of equestrian/bike trails, and a self- guided interpretive trail. There are two primarily singletrack trails around the lake, the Upper Lake Loop and the Low

Wallace Falls State Park :: Gold Bar, WA

The park has good hiking trails and primitive but adequate campsites. One fun trail is actually a former railway abandoned by a logging company. A 7-mile loop trail leads to the spectacular falls, which cascade 265 feet over a series of cliffs and le

Rasar State Park :: Concrete, WA

Rasar State Park encompasses 169 acres and fronts the Wild and Scenic Skagit River for nearly 1 mile. An ADA trail leads from the day-use area to the river, and there are interpretive trails through the park. Nearby, 670-acre Rockport State Park

Larrabee State Park :: Bellingham, WA

Larrabee was the first state park created in Washington, in 1923. It covers 2,683 acres and features 8,100 feet of saltwater shoreline on Samish Bay and 6,700 feet of freshwater shoreline on Fragrance Lake and Lost Lake. The mountain provides goo

Millersylvania State Park :: Olympia, WA

It is hard to believe that this 842-acre park, which features 3,300 feet of frontage on Deep Lake, was acquired for a total cost of $251. The state purchased it in five parcels, the first in 1921 and the last in 1952. This excellent park is big an

Lewis and Clark State Park :: Chehalis, WA

The Mount St. Helens crater is visible from this 621-acre park, which contains one of the last stands of lowland old-growth forest in western Washington. A 1.5-mile interpretive trail and a 3.5-mile equestrian trail cut through the forest, and the pa

Kanaskat-Palmer State Park :: Enumclaw, WA

Located in the Green River Gorge Recreation Area, Kanaskat-Palmer covers nearly 320 acres and has 2.5 miles of river frontage. The Green River is known for its winter steelhead fishing (one of the state’s top ten), as well as for summer rafting and k

Ike Kinswa State Park :: Mossyrock, WA

This campground offers 454 acres of fine scenery along Mayfield Lake and the Cowlitz River and Tilton River. In all, there are 8.7 miles of freshwater shoreline, including 400 feet of unguarded swimming beach. There are also 6 miles of hiking trails.

Dash Point State Park :: Tacoma, WA

Dash Point State Park straddles the line between King County and Pierce County, which separates Tacoma from Federal Way. It covers 398 acres and has 3,301 feet of saltwater shoreline on Puget Sound’s East Passage, plus 11 miles of hiking and 8 miles

Beacon Rock State Park :: Bonneville, WA

Just 1 mile east of the town of Skamania, Beacon Rock looms over the highway like a monolith from outer space. In fact, it is one of the largest monoliths in the nation. Serious hikers can take the steep 1-mile trail to the top of the rock (elevation

Battle Ground Lake State Park :: Battle Ground, WA

Battle Ground covers 280 acres and has 4,100 feet of freshwater shoreline on 28-acre Battle Ground Lake. The park is very popular because of its easy access to this volcanic lake, considered to be a miniature version of Crater Lake in Oregon. However

Spencer Spit State Park :: Lopez Island, WA

Beach parks are a rarity on the rocky coast of Washington, especially in the “banana belt” San Juan Islands. This is an exceptionally nice one. The 138-acre marine and camping park has 7,840 feet of saltwater shoreline on Lopez Sound. The park’s main

Moran State Park :: Olga, WA

In 1920, Robert Moran, a shipbuilder and a former mayor of Seattle, donated 2,600 acres on Orcas Island to the state for use as a park. Moran State Park has since grown to 5,252 acres, and now includes 5 lakes, 30 miles of foot trails, and 300 acres

Fort Ebey State Park :: Oak Harbor, WA

You will find Fort Ebey on the bluffs high above the Strait of Juan de Fuca, where the strait flows into Admiralty Inlet. There are 24 picnic sites in the day-use area. The 645-acre park offers 3 miles of bluff trails and 1.5 miles of beach trails. F

Fort Casey State Park :: Coupeville, WA

Fort Casey State Park (including Keystone Spit) encompasses 467 acres and offers 7,000 feet of freshwater frontage on Crockett Lake and 10,810 feet of saltwater shoreline on Admiralty Inlet. The beach on the west side of the campground is fine for

Deception Pass State Park :: Oak Harbor, WA

This park straddles Deception Pass, encompassing 4,134 acres on the northern tip of Whidbey Island (in Island County) and the southern tip of Fidalgo Island (in Skagit County). The state park features a few lakes, some old-growth Douglas fir fore