New Hampshire State Parks Trails

To find trails in New Hampshire state parks for activities such as hiking and biking, select a region or trail below.

Little Monadnock and Rhododendron State Park :: Fitzwilliam, NH

An interesting woods walk through a rhododendron grove and good moose habitat. Rhododendron State Park in Fitzwilliam was established in the early twentieth century to protect one of the largest rhododendron groves north of the Allegheny Mountains. T

Balance Rock and Pillsbury State Park :: Washington, NH

An easy hike to a large glacial erratic and good views of the wilderness in Pillsbury State Park. The 8,100 acres that make up Pillsbury State Park in Washington were once part of a bustling farming and lumber community known as Cherry Valley, which

Bear Brook State Park, Smith Pond Trail :: Allenstown, NH

A short, sweet trail through spacious pines to a picturesque marsh and cozy park shelter. Sometimes you feel like walking a short way on effortless flat terrain to a picturesque bog where you can sit and stare and just plain while the hour away. Th

Bear Brook State Park, Beaver Pond Trail :: Allenstown, NH

A charming stroll encircling a wooded pond and passing through an intriguing marsh grass shoreline. In this section of Bear Brook State Park you’ll find developed campsites in nicely pruned woods; a small, open playing field; a cozy swimming beach; a

Pisgah State Park Trail :: Keene, NH

Pisgah State Park, 13,500 acres of rolling hills and sprawling wetlands, is quietly nestled in the southwest corner of New Hampshire. A year-round haven for outdoor activities, the park is a perfect destination for spring bird-watchers, summer wildfl

Pillsbury State Park, Mad Road Trail to Bacon Pond :: Washington, NH

A flat woodland road leading to a peaceful, isolated pond. The pleasure of this walk is more from the journey than the destination. Ninety percent of the trail covers level terrain, through young mixed woods and into the silence of backcountry.

Pillsbury State Park, North Pond Trail :: Washington, NH

A north country lake and spectacular open campsite provide a striking setting. This short trail is a gem. North Pond affords a good chance for sighting beaver activity and possibly even a moose or black bear. This walk takes you from Pillsbury Stat

Pisgah State Park, Beal's Knob Trail :: Chesterfield, NH

A cameo of Pisgah wilderness framing natural scenes from isolated forests to active beaver ponds. This trail evokes a sense of wilderness with long matted grasses and flowers underfoot, ferns swishing against your legs. Long pants and boots are adv

Pisgah State Park, Horseshoe Wildlife Habitat Trail :: Chesterfield, NH

An identification trail introducing animal and plant habitats at the edge of a wilderness area. Pisgah State Park is a rugged, forested, wild-feeling backcountry. The upper forest and meadowland northwest of 1,300-foot Mount Pisgah, once referred to

Monadnock State Park, Wildwood Nature and White Dot Trails :: Jaffrey, NH

A pleasant, booklet-guided nature trail on the way to Falcon Spring with cool, refreshing mountain water. Grand Monadnock is a wonderfully singular mountain. Located in rural, wooded, southwestern New Hampshire, Monadnock is one of the most beloved a

Pawtuckaway State Park, South Mountain Loop :: Portsmouth, NH

Enveloped in a rolling mix of woodlands typical of southeastern New Hampshire, the popular trail to South Mountain passes marshes, brooks, ponds, and pools. High on my list of early-season walks, this route is especially delightful on warm April days

Pawtuckaway State Park, Boulder Field Trail :: Portsmouth, NH

The Boulder Field hike is perfect for one of those lazy afternoons when you feel like poking around outside, but would just as soon avoid strenuous exertion. As it happens, a portion of this walk may be most satisfactory for those who might prefer

Bear Brook State Park, Catamount Trail :: Concord, NH

Between the close of winter and the arrival of spring, avid hikers suffer malaise when snows melt and warmer weather softens the water-logged earth. We call it Mud Season,a time when suitable trails are hard to find. Although Bear Brook State Park

Odiorne Point State Park :: Rye, NH

Ocean waves crashing on a pebble beach,the salty smell of the sea, bell buoys and horns with the fog rolling in, and gulls keeping watch over foaming surf. Perhaps not the first images that come to mind when you think about hiking in New Hampshire, b

Rhododendron State Park :: Keene, NH

Designated a national natural landmark by the National Park Service, and New Hampshire’s only botanic site, Rhododendron State Park draws visitors into its looping paths of delicate beauty. The 0.6-mile Rhododendron Trail commences through stone post

Pisgah State Park, Kilburn Loop :: Keene, NH

Too often we think of wilderness as a remote area with spectacular natural scenery or herds of exotic and dangerous animals. We overlook the more workmanlike natural areas where human intrusion is minimized and the earth and water provide a home to m

White Lake State Park :: Conway, NH

Imagine one of those hot summer days when a brilliant sun steams through the haze of a high, pale blue sky, and the air of early morning promises scorching heat by noon. A day when the most dedicated hiker would just as soon hit a sandy beach and swi

Pillsbury State Park, Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway :: Claremont, NH

The Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway links Mount Monadnock and Mount Sunapee on a rolling, north/south ridgeline route that covers almost 50 miles of south-central New Hampshire. I came to Pillsbury State Park knowing that its trails connect to the greenwa

Bear Brook State Park :: Allenstown, NH

Bear Brook State Park is enormous—it’s the largest state park in New Hampshire. Its size (the entire park spans more than 10,000 acres) and the myriad outdoor activities available here make this as much a destination as a place to set up camp. On the

Bear Brook State Park Loop :: Allenstown, NH

The beauty of Bear Brook State Park is that there is something for everyone. With nearly 10,000 acres of forest, there is room for the snowshoer, cross-country skier, snowmobiler, and even the dogsledder. At times they may cross each other’s path, bu

Pillsbury State Park :: Washington, NH

The woods and the water are a powerful combination. Pillsbury State Park has both, and in just the right proportions—a series of crystalline ponds cast against a dense blanket of forest like scattered jewels. Although it’s part of the New Hampshire s

Pawtuckaway State Park :: Nottingham, NH

There are campsites at Pawtuckaway State Park that give you the atmosphere of island camping with the ease of car camping. It’s a big place, with 191 sites, but the three separate camping areas feel like individual campgrounds. Horse Island has m

Pillsbury State Park Ponds :: Washington, NH

A paddle across one pond with a portage to a second, completely secluded pond surrounded by bogs, hills, and hardwoods. Pillsbury State Park in Washington is one of New Hampshire’s lesser-known parks, but it should be high on any visitor’s list of pl

Pillsbury State Park-Butterfield, May, Mill, and North Ponds :: Washington, NH

These small wilderness ponds offer good opportunities to look for moose and to listen for coyotes. you should also see ducks, geese, loon, and great blue heron.

Little Monadnock and Rhododendron State Park Trail :: Troy, NH

The only Monadnock that exists for most out-of-staters is the “Grand” one, though local hikers have discovered that Little Monadnock in Fitzwilliam has as much to offer—albeit on a smaller scale—as its big brother. Visit in mid-to late July when 16

Pack Monadnock and Miller State Park Trail :: Peterborough, NH

Pack (South Pack, to be specific) doesn’t attract as many hikers as its formidable neighbor Grand Monadnock, though a steady stream of vehicles chugs up the summit road in season. From the mountaintop on a clear day you can see—if not forever—at leas

Odiorne Point State Park Trail :: Portsmouth, NH

Odiorne Point State Park’s 135 acres include 2 miles of seashore, the largest undeveloped coastal tract in New Hampshire. Extending from Odiorne Point to the Witch Creek salt marsh, the park is an ironic blend of serene, natural beach, once called Pa

Pisgah State Park :: Chesterfield, NH

This ride is located west of Keene. Pisgah State Park is one of the largest parks in the state system and is mostly undeveloped. The park is sprinkled with old roads and trails of varying quality; most are open to bikes. The ride mostly follows

Pillsbury State Park :: Newport, NH

This ride's general location is 4 miles north of Washington on NH 31. Scenery includes woods and ponds; a nice nature experience. Riding to suit all skill levels can be found in the park. The State Park is 5,500 acres of undulating wilderness with so

Mount Sunapee State Park :: Newbury, NH

This ride's general location is 2 miles west of Newbury on NH 103. Scenery includes a great view of Sunapee Lake. The mountain biking here has a disturbingly tentative feel to it. The brochures are circulating, the lift is running, and trails are mar

Pawtuckaway State Park :: Nottingham, NH

This ride's general location is Nottingham. Scenery includes wetlands and forest. This ride is a favorite with New Hampshire off-roaders. Maybe it’s the convenience to Concord and Manchester. Maybe it's the generous 5,500-acre size, with the variety

Bear Brook State Park :: Allenstown, NH

This ride's general location is Allenstown. Scenery includes woodlands and wetlands. This is a good family ride; do not miss the park's museums. Located just a few miles from Concord, Bear Brook is one of New Hampshire's most popular mountain biking

Franconia Notch State Park :: Franconia, NH

This ride's general location is Franconia Notch, between Franconia and North Woodstock. Scenery includes The Old Man of the Mountain and other New Hampshire landmarks. This is a good family ride, bring binoculars. Here in the Franconia Notch, the

Moose Brook State Park :: Gorham, NH

This ride's general location is one mile west of Gorham. Scenery includes a good overlook of the valley and a beaver pond at the top. Bring your animal-track field guide. Moose Brook State Park is the type of facility that every town deserves: a mode

Odiorne Point State Park :: Portsmouth, NH

For a relaxed time alone, with a mate, or with youngsters on single-speed bikes, the smooth, flat terrain offers plenty of enjoyment. The day won't be spent entirely on the bicycle either, as there is a park museum and science center, picnic area, f

Pawtuckaway State Park :: Raymond, NH

Symptoms of multiple-personality disorder show themselves on this ride. The early leg dishes out some fun technical challenges, but remains relatively tame. The challenge comes during the middle part of the ride, which is littered with rocks, steep g

Northwood Meadows State Park :: Northwood, NH

Northwood Meadows State Park isn't the place to test one's brute pedaling strength, long distance endurance, or technical riding skills. But what it isn't makes it what it is - a quiet place to pedal alone, in a small group, or with family. Mostly

Bear Brook State Park :: Allenstown, NH

Bear Brook rocks. Any mountain biking regular from the central part of Southern New Hampshire will attest to that. It holds a great diversity of trail types, obstacles, and topography. The loop charted here gives a mixture of it all. So do it onc

Pisgah State Park :: Winchester, NH

Pisgah State Park offers hard terrain, but it also holds a network of maintained gravel roads through its center which can be targeted for easier riding. Thickly forested, with ponds, slow running streams, and large areas of wetland, Pisgah State Pa

Fox State Park :: Hillsborough, NH

Fox State Forest balances an open user policy with a history of conservation. While the park boasts a well developed and mapped trail network available to nearly all types of recreationalists, it also protects such natural areas as Hemlock Ravine, o

Pillsbury State Park :: Washington, NH

Pillsbury State Park is one of those package deals familiar to New Hampshire outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a large, open-use forest with well-posted and mapped trails, and it gives visitors shoreline campsites to extend their stays. The Monadnock

Pawtuckaway State Park :: Raymond, NH

An advanced intermediate ride through beautiful forests with good wildlife-watching opportunities. Pawtuckaway State Park, with its lake, beach, and 15 miles of trails, is one of the most popular parks in New Hampshire. Mountain bikers have been ridi

Bear Brook State Park :: Allenstown, NH

A classic New Hampshire mountain bike ride on single-track and old woods roads. With more than 40 miles of trails, Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown is one of the best places to ride in New Hampshire. It is also one of the biggest parks in the stat

Pisgah State Park :: Chesterfield, NH

A beautiful half-day ride through New Hampshire’s largest state park. Covering more than 21 square miles, Pisgah State Park is New Hampshire’s largest state park, and it provides some of the best mountain biking in the entire state. The park, which l

Bear Brook State Park Loop :: Allenstown, NH

The beauty of Bear Brook State Park is that there is something for everyone. With nearly 10,000 acres of forest, there is room for the snowshoer, cross-country skier, snowmobiler, and even the dogsledder. At times they may cross each other’s path, bu

Odiorne Point State Park Trail :: Portsmouth, NH

Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, between Portsmouth and Rye Beach on New Hampshire’s sliver of coastline, is a perfect place to be after fresh snow falls on the southern seacoast. Get there quickly, because the snow never lasts long along the shore!

Bear Brook State Park Trail :: Suncook, NH

This is New Hampshire’s largest developed state park and one of the best for snowshoeing. The park encompasses more than 10,000 acres, including marshes, bogs, mountain summits, and ponds, and a spider web of trails, more than 40 miles in all. You’ll

Annett State Forest Wayside Park, Black Reservoir Pond Trail :: Rindge, NH

A short forested walk to a gem of a pond in an extensive necklace of lakes and reservoirs. This tiny pond is a secluded delight. Small, quiet, and completely encircled with trees, Black Reservoir surprised us for how much it offers for so little

Greenfield State Park, Hogback Pond Trail :: Greenfield, NH

An isolated pond and marsh trail away from the crowds of this popular family-oriented park. Greenfield State Park is an engaging site well designed in separating from each other the areas for tent camping, RV camping, picnicking, swimming and canoein

Monadnock State Park, Old Toll Road :: Jaffrey, NH

A comfortable climb on a dirt road to dazzling views from a clearing halfway up the mountain. Grand Monadnock gets its preeminence as one of the most beloved mountains in the nation from its spectacular mountaintop views, accessible trails, and fasci