Idaho State Parks Trails

To find trails in Idaho state parks for activities such as hiking and biking, select a region or trail below.

Farragut State Park: North Perimeter :: Coeur d'Alene, ID

Four miles east of US Hwy 95 between Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint, Idaho. This ride is an intro to an area of the park most folks never see; if you go off on to any of the splits, you'll find surprises and connections to all sorts of things. Farr

Farragut State Park: Shoreline Trail :: Coeur d'Alene, ID

Four miles east of US Hwy 95 between Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint, Idaho. This is some of the most consistent and fun singletrack to be found anywhere in the region, and this trail is just a sample of what else is to be found in this park. Farragut

Malad Gorge State Park :: Twin Falls, ID

Enjoy scenic overlooks into 250-foot Malad Gorge and Hagerman Valley, along with a 60-foot waterfall, springs, and raptor-watching. This 652-acre state park is located at an elevation of 3,270 feet, making for a good early- or late-season excursion.

Bruneau Dunes State Park :: Mountain Home, ID

These are the tallest sand dunes in North America. The trail winds through two small lakes where fishing and bird-watching opportunities abound. It’s a unique mix of desert, dune, prairie, marsh, and lake habitats.

Farragut State Park: Northside Loop :: Coeur d'Alene, ID

Farragut State Park offers a rare opportunity for novice mountain bikers and families with young children to ride a moderate to flat trail next to Lake Pend Oreille. You can visit the park for a day trip or make reservations well in advance (this is

Farragut State Park: Shoreline Trail :: Coeur d'Alene, ID

Mostly flat well-maintained trail next to Lake Pend Oreille. Located 20 miles north of Coeur d'Alene. Tread: Wide-track singletrack and paved pathway.

Henrys Fork–Harriman State Park :: Ashton, ID

To many fly fishers the seven miles of river in the Last Chance/Harriman State Park area is Henrys Fork. Despite siltation, weeds, and regulations, this is some of the greatest dry fly water in the United States. “The Ranch” (as many locals still cal

Bruneau Dunes State Park: Big Dune Hike :: Boise, ID

Ascend to the top of the largest single-formation sand dune in North America. From your elevated status on the dunes, you can view the distant Owyhee Mountains to the south, Flat Iron Butte to the north, Bennett Mountain to the north, and the lakes a

West Yellowstone, MT, to Jackson, WY :: Ashton, ID

A three-state drive past two popular lake recreation areas that takes you across the Continental Divide, through high forest, then descends to a broad farming valley along the back side of the beautiful Teton Range on the Teton Scenic Byway. The firs

Elmore Area :: Bruneau, ID

The valley area between Mountain Home and the Owyhee Mountains to the south is true western desert—sagebrush and all. Much of it looks unchanged since the Oregon Trail pioneers crossed it more than 150 years ago, though there are signs of the newer W

Fremont Area :: Island Park, ID

The corner of Idaho that butts up against Yellowstone National Park may lack some of the specific attractions of the park—Old Faithful, for example, is in Wyoming—but the kind of land is much the same. This area of Idaho is mountainous, forested, and

James E. Dewey–Iron Mountain Loop :: Tensed, ID

The 5,000-acre-plus Mary Minerva McCroskey State Park, because of its remote location and no-fee policies, is a great place to spend a few days hiking and camping. Two of the three campgrounds in the park are located on mountaintops and the third is

Camas Prairie Area :: Kooskia, ID

Not all of this area is prairie. To the west lies the deep gorge of the Snake River where it forms borders with Oregon and Washington and constitutes the northern part of Hells Canyon. To the east lie the deep valleys cut by the Clearwater River and

Palouse Area :: Harvard, ID

In Idaho, Latah County is best known as the home of the University of Idaho, the state’s premier educational institution; the city of Moscow is an attractive university town (and located just 8 miles away from another much like it across the Washingt

Coeur d'Alene Area :: Coeur d'Alene, ID

Probably only Sun Valley edges out Coeur d’Alene as the best-known Idaho vacation spot. The city is perched on the northern shore of the like-named lake, and both deserve their international renown. The visitor centerpiece is the Resort, a large hote

Plummer to Potlatch :: Saint Maries, ID

This is primarily a forest drive, covering 74 miles on two-lane paved roads. Stands of Idaho’s magnificent western redcedar and white pines dominate the landscape. Portions of the route have been designated the White Pine Scenic Byway. The second h

Bill Chipman Palouse Trail :: Moscow, ID

This is a nice paved pathway that links the border towns of Moscow and Pullman, Washington. There is a Starbucks coffee house at the end of the pathway in Pullman, next to the Washington State University campus. The Palouse Trail can be accessed

Ponderosa Park Loop :: McCall, ID

This scenic ride, located near McCall, features multiple tread in an old-growth ponderosa pine forest. Ponderosa State Park has a number of nifty scenic trails in the finger-like peninsula bordered by beautiful Payette Lake. The 840-acre park is conv

Boise Greenbelt - Oregon Trail Loop :: Boise, ID

Boise River From downtown southeast, out past Lucky Peak Dam and back on the south side of the river along the Oregon Trail. This long loop takes you from the heart of the city to a very remote section of trail. Lucky Peak Dam and Reservoir at Barcla

Snake River, Henry's Fork :: Last Chance, ID

Number one in TU poll. Drought and erratic water flows once plagued the fishery, which is famed for big, tough rainbows, but it’s coming back. When a trout stream is voted number one in the nation, it’s got to be pretty good or awfully famous. Henry’

American Falls Area :: American Falls, ID

One of the largest dams in Idaho is the American Falls Dam, which decades ago actually forced the entire town of American Falls to relocate, since the dam would flood the old location. The American Falls Reservoir not only created a new city of Ameri

Henrys Fork–Osborne Bridge to Pine Haven :: Pine Haven, ID

Over the years this area has been called the Gravel Pit, Osborne Springs, Piney Point or the most commonly accepted label, Woodroad 16. Though similar in structure to the nearby Harriman State Park section, the slow meandering river runs deep, so cro

Whitetail–Shoeffler Butte Loops :: Plummer, ID

The Whitetail Loop is aptly named. White-tailed deer are common all along the way, as are bear tracks and sign. Generally following easy grades, the route traverses the open forests typical of the inland Northwest. By adding the Shoeffler Butte Loo

Greenbelt West :: Boise, ID

The beginning of this ride winds by a natural estuary, and great efforts have been made to preserve this fragile environment. There are plans afoot to stretch this trail all the way to Eagle Island State Park, and have it loop back on the other si

Palisades Reservoir to Henrys Lake :: Ashton, ID

A pleasant, 170-mile journey through forested hills and vast fields of potatoes, with the scenic backdrop of the Tetons as accompaniment. The drive follows portions of two National Forest Scenic Byways, with spectacular waterfalls on its northern rea

Oldtown to Lake Pend Oreille :: Oldtown, ID

This is a low-key, 40-mile drive on paved back roads through the pastoral north country. It runs straight as an arrow from Oldtown to Blanchard before turning to Spirit Lake and going on to the southern end of Lake Pend Oreille, with a visit to the h

Long Canyon :: Bonners Ferry, ID

Long Canyon is a splendid example of a northern climax rain forest. Opportunities arise for wildlife viewing, mushroom hunting, and fishing. It is a magnificent ridge walk. Long Canyon is one of the last two unlogged drainages of the American Selkirk

Payette Lake and Long Valley Loop :: Cascade, ID

A 124-mile drive, mostly on paved roads, with short stretches of good gravel road. The route follows closely the forested shores of Payette Lake before heading south through pastoral Long Valley, past Cascade Reservoir, and over Big Creek Summit to W

Glenns Ferry to Nampa :: Grand View, ID

The 120-mile drive explores Oregon Trail history in the town of Glenns Ferry before striking out across an arid portion of southwestern Idaho. The route parallels the south bank of the Snake River on two-lane paved roads through a sparsely populated

Thousand Springs :: Buhl, ID

This is an easy 61-mile drive on two-lane roads through a rich agricultural landscape, beginning at a historic stage stop, and ending at a pocket-sized canyon. Side trips to Balanced Rock, Hagerman National Fish Hatchery, and The Nature Conservancy’s

The Oregon Trail :: Twin Falls, ID

This 115-mile drive follows the broad Snake River west of Pocatello, visiting historical sites along the Oregon Trail. The route passes through rich agricultural lands before finishing at the city of Twin Falls after a stop at powerful Shoshone Falls

Cocololla - Butler Creek Loop :: Sandpoint, ID

East of Cocolalla Lake and US Hwy 95, about 11 miles south of Sandpoint. The recent maintenance work done on this trail has helped a lot. Trail 231, which you follow on the downhill swoop, anchors the northern end of the Blacktail- Three Sisters ridg

Long Canyon :: Bonners Ferry, ID

Long Canyon is a splendid example of a northern climax rain forest. Opportunities arise for wildlife viewing, mushroom hunting, and fishing. It is a magnificent ridge walk. This area is one of the last two unlogged drainages of the American Selkirk

Lone Pine Viewpoint :: Tensed, ID

Hike this short trail along the upper southern slope of Skyline Ridge, through diverse transitional zone forest that is being managed to mimic the way nature intended this type of woods to be. Watch for elk and white-tailed deer all along this route—

Fireplace to Mission Mountain Summit :: Tensed, ID

Hike the mostly gentle trail along Skyline Ridge in Idaho’s second-oldest and thirdlargest state park. Elk or at least their tracks can be found all along this route, and white-tailed deer may be expected at any point. The trail climbs somewhat stee

Baumgartner Hot Springs :: Featherville, ID

A campground swimming pool near the South Fork Boise River. Public nudity prohibited. A 15- by 20-foot concrete pool houses the outflow from Baumgartner Hot Springs. The pool, furnished with decking and benches, is maintained by the Forest Service an

Idaho - Rough Guides :: Boise, ID

Idaho, sandwiched in between Washington, Oregon and Montana, was the last of the states to be penetrated by whites, and rivals Alaska in the sheer scale of its barely explored wilderness areas. Though much of its scenery amply deserves national park

Lake Darling - Mount Pend Oreille Loop :: Sandpoint, ID

Hikers out for this 8-mile loop trip can enjoy a spectrum of attractions usually found only on multi-day backpacks, including a good chance to see moose. The route ranges from timbered trails to a shallow mountain lake and up to the high open views f

Hunt Lake :: Coolin, ID

Don’t be misled by the short mileage on this hike. The effort involves more hopping than walking, since the route from the trailhead to the lake weaves up a talus slope, marked by painted arrows and cairns. Many hikers will love this hike, but not if

Bernard Peak / Scout Trail :: Bayview, ID

The Scout Trail to Bernard Peak is one of the longest described in this book. With great viewpoints along the way, this challenging trip climbs through richly diverse conifer forest nearly all the way to the 5,150-foot-high summit of Bernard Peak. Gr

Lynx Trail :: Bayview, ID

More than just a single trail, the Lynx Trail is a system of trails that link most points in the southern part of Farragut State Park. The description here is of the main loop of the Lynx Trail system. Some of the connecting trails are covered in the

Cassia Area :: Oakley, ID

The Burley and Rupert area along the Snake River has its attractions. Lake Walcott, one of the first bodies of water created by the Bureau of Reclamation in this region, is one of them. And there are events, such as boat racing on the Snake River nea

Upper Coeur d'Alene River :: Enaville, ID

Drifting down the clear water, along the timbered shores of this stretch, a paddler might find it hard to imagine the dichotomies that history has brought together in the Coeur d’Alene River: native cutthroat trout against insensitive logging and min

Bear Lake Area :: Montpelier, ID

The largest lake in southern Idaho is only half in Idaho; Bear Lake is split with Utah. No matter; plenty of Idahoans love to go sailing and fishing on it. But the lake is only the beginning of attractions here. The biggest Oregon Trail Center in Ida

Pend Oreille Area :: Sandpoint, ID

It’s a close call, but some say Lake Pend Oreille—Idaho’s largest lake—is even more beautiful than the better-known Lake Coeur d’Alene to the south. Certainly more of it is easy to view, since U.S. Highway 2 and then Idaho Highway 200 run along most

Priest Lake Area :: Priest River, ID

The future of Priest Lake has been a hotly fought topic for years in northern Idaho. Should its waters, its 72 miles of shoreline, and its wonderful wooded terrain be protected from further development? Or should more people be allowed to build their