Ontario Provincial Parks Trails

To find trails in Ontario provincial parks for activities such as hiking and biking, select a region or trail below.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Trails :: Thunder Bay, ON

While many have tried to explain why the peninsula across from Thunder Bay looks like Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians, Blackduck legend says it best. Long ago, before our time, a giant named Nanabosho led the Ojibway on to the Sibley Peninsu

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park Trails :: Rossport, ON

Rainbow Falls is a surprise. The falls here don’t begin and end all at once like those you’re probably used to. Nine small waterfalls follow one after the other in a cascade of falling water. The falls look pink, as the water drops over the reddest o

Neys Provincial Park Trails :: Marathon, ON

Neys Provincial Park protects the 6,485 hectares (16,018 acres) that make up the Coldwell Peninsula, including parts of the landscape that form islands within Lake Superior. The largest of these, known as Pic Island, houses a small herd of Woodland

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park Trails :: Thunder Bay, ON

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park has protected one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the north since 1954. The falls are 71m (234ft) wide and drop 39m (128ft) from the Kaministiquia River into a gorge where fossils as old as 1.6 billion years have be

Lake Superior Provincial Park Trails :: Wawa, ON

In many ways, the history of Lake Superior Provincial Park, a 155,600ha (384,332-acre) region on the shores of Lake Superior is a microcosm of Canadian history. Thanks to the volcanoes and earthquakes that moulded the Canadian Shield into towering mo

Killarney Provincial Park Trails :: Sudbury, ON

Ask anybody about Killarney Provincial Park and they’ll tell you about clear blue lakes, white hills, pink granite ridges, cranberries and lots of sugar maples–plus pine, cedar, oak, black cherry and the occasional American beech. There’s also an eco

Halfway Lake Provincial Park Trails :: Sudbury, ON

Halfway Lake Provincial Park encompasses 4,735 ha (11,695 acres) on the Canadian Shield around and north of Halfway Lake. Most of the area is covered by boreal forest, although a tornado in 2002 did significant damage to many of the jack pine, trembl

Chutes Provincial Park Trails :: Massey, ON

The Ontario government decided to set aside 109ha (269 acres) of land to protect the rapids, waterfalls, wetlands, flood plain and terraces of the Aux Sables River in 1970. The river had been used as a logging waterway from the late 1800s until 1929.

Voyageur Provincial Park Trails :: Pointe Fortune, ON

This trail guide includes Coureur des Bois Trail and the Outaouais Trail.

Silent Lake Provincial Park Trails :: Apsley, ON

Other than the lake itself, this 1,450ha (3,582-acre) park doesn’t have any particular feature that stands out, but it’s still one of the top 10 places to go in Ontario. You’ll love the astonishing diversity of habitats, the sunset over the beach, th

Sandbanks Provincial Park Trails :: Picton, ON

A long beach of soft, white sand, two major sand dune systems and a short nature hike that’s good for children makes this 1,600ha (3,952-acre) park a good destination for walking. Hikers can choose to walk along the sandy beach on Athol Bay; along

Murphys Point Provincial Park Trails :: Perth, ON

Murphys Point’s location directly on top of the Frontenac Axis gave European settlers many challenges. Shallow soil covers the bedrock in the area, and farming was next to impossible. Mining and logging was good, however, and a few farmers made a liv

Frontenac Provincial Park Trails :: Sydenham, ON

By providing hikers with a peaceful experience, Frontenac Park lives up to the creed of its first superintendent, R. Bruce Page, who believed that wilderness should be as untouched by humans as possible. Although once heavily settled by farmers, mine

Bon Echo Provincial Park Trails :: Cloyne, ON

Bon Echo Rock on Mazinaw Lake has been an important spiritual site for at least the past 300 to 1,000 years during which it’s estimated the more than 260 Algonkian pictographs on it were completed. The collection, which can only be seen from canoe or

Springwater Provincial Park Trails :: Midhurst, ON

If you have kids, Springwater Provincial Park is an absolute must. The Ministry of Natural Resources houses injured, orphaned and human-imprinted birds and wildlife that can’t be released into nature in specially designed enclosures that provide the

Petroglyphs Provincial Park Trails :: Peterborough, ON

A special outcrop of white crystalline marble (metamorphosed limestone) north of Stoney Lake made a perfect canvas for Algonkian- speaking shamans passing through the area 600 to 1,100 years ago. Over the years, these visitors carved 900 different sy

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Trails :: Shelburne, ON

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park protects 750ha (1,853 acres) of scenic land along the Niagara Escarpment. The display of white trilliums in spring shouldn’t be missed, although 450 plant species in the park ensure visitors a show anytime of the year. Par

Ferris Provincial Park Trails :: Campbellville, ON

Ferris Provincial Park is highly recommended for a relaxing, easy day-hike that also provides ample entertainment. Hiking up and down an almond-shaped drumlin is the highlight, although Ranney Falls, Trent River and an Osprey nest also ensure somethi

Awenda Provincial Park Trails :: Penetanguishene, ON

Anyone interested in glacier-created landforms will want to visit Awenda Provincial Park on the edge of the Penetanguishene Peninsula, which juts into Georgian Bay to create Nottawasaga Bay and Severn Sound. The most impressive visual element of Awen

Algonquin Provincial Park Trails :: Haliburton, ON

When the government of Ontario passed the Algonquin Park Act, which set aside 18 townships as a “health resort and pleasure ground” and logging forest reserve in 1893, they didn’t know that their park would eventually attract about a million visitors

Darlington Provincial Park Trails :: Oshawa, ON

Today, the area is a natural refuge. Forests and meadows have taken over the old farmers’ fields, attracting butterflies and moths. In fact, the park is known as a resting spot for migrating monarch butterflies, which rely on the park’s fields of gol

Rondeau Provincial Park Trails :: Blenheim, ON

Eleven kilometres (6.8mi) of sandy beach bordered by dunes and long, parallel ridges divided by long, parallel valleys called sloughs are just two of the many fascinating features of Rondeau, a park located on one of the world’s best examples of a cu

Pinery Provincial Park Trails :: Grand Bend, ON

Two hundred years ago, North America was covered in grassland, forest and a transition habitat called “oak savanna” that grew between the two. Oak savanna consisted primarily of huge black oaks and red cedars spaced widely and separated by vast meado

Thunder Bay & Northwestern Ontario Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Trails :: Thunder Bay, ON

The longest snow season belongs to northwestern Ontario. Skiing and snowshoeing can begin as early as November and almost always continue until mid-April, and at times into the first week of May. Northwestern Ontario is the area north of Lake Superio

London & Southern Ontario Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Trails :: Goderich, ON

An adventurous attitude and a pair of hiking boots are just as necessary as your snowshoeing and ski equipment when travelling in southern Ontario during the winter. Southern Ontario lies between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Major cities in the area inc

Frontenac Provincial Park – Slide Lake Loop :: Kingston, ON

Frontenac Provincial Park is an outstanding wilderness resource nestled in the most rugged of Canadian Shield terrain between Ottawa and Kingston. Relatively small compared to Gatineau Park, at only 52 km² (20 mi²), it nevertheless contains more than

Athol Bay, Sandbanks and Sand Dunes :: Picton, ON

From the relaxing resort town of Picton, follow the undulating roads of western Prince Edward County to the shores of Lake Ontario and Sandbanks Provincial Park. Here you can enjoy the park’s white-sand beaches and its many hiking trails. If you’re

Sudbury & Northeastern Ontario Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Trails :: Sudbury, ON

An exciting wilderness retreat, northeastern Ontario was made for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing adventures. Northeastern Ontario includes the northern coasts of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron and leads north to James Bay. Major cities include: No

Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Trails :: Ottawa, ON

The allure of three distinct types of scenery attracts skiers and snowshoers to eastern Ontario. Eastern Ontario is the area north of Lake Ontario that borders on Québec. Major cities are: Belleville, Brockville, Cornwall, Gananoque, Kanata, Kingsto

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre Trails :: Midland, ON

The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre isn’t known for its extensive hiking trails, but what they lack in distance, they make up for in content. This 1,000ha (150-acre) nature discovery centre features rare trumpeter swans, a floating boardwalk through the ca