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  • Virage Polarized Fishing Golf Sunglasses 1.1 mm Lens

    Virage Polarized Fishing Golf Sunglasses 1.1 mm Lens
    The Virage polarized sport sunglasses offer low-price eye protection for outdoor activity. Their polycarbonate substrate polarized lenses are shatterproof and possess an anti-fog and water-repellent coating for any weather condition. The wrap-around design allows for 180-degree field of vision and diminishes spots where the sun's rays can leak in. At 2-by-5.5 inches, the Virage polarized sport sunglasses will fit most faces. At around 2 ounces, wearers barely feel the glasses. They retail for less than $20 ($16.95 in 2010).


    Virage uses 1.1-millimeter polarized lenses for their sport sunglasses. The lenses have a 400 UV rating. The lenses allow you to see surfaces in bright conditions rather than just the sun glare. When used on the water, the polarized lenses allow you to see up to 20 feet deep into the water by eliminating glare off the water surface.


    Given their effective lenses and low-end price, the Virage polarized sport sunglasses had to sacrifice somewhere. That sacrifice came in the plastic frames, which have durability issues. Although very light, the frames look and feel cheap and will break when minimal amounts of pressure are applied.

    Bottom Line

    The frame's lack of durability should give pause to those individuals whose activities create heavy wear and tear on their sunglasses. However, any outdoors enthusiast looking to save some money should consider a pair.

    Article Written By Tyler Nall

    Tyler Nall is a forestry technician and outdoor enthusiast. He received his Bachelor of Science at the University of Oregon with majors in psychology and sociology. Nall started writing professionally in 2004 and currently writes for various websites.

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