Bellemont, NC Trails and Parks

Bellemont has 2 trails in the vicinity, including 2 for mountain biking and 2 hiking trails. These trails range from 2.2 to 2.8 miles in length. The most popular trail is Cedarock Park Trail and Guilford Mackintosh Lakeside Double Loop. member Angie K. recently completed Cedarock Park Trail.
  • Cedarock Park TrailView Trail Details

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    Bellemont, NC

    •  45 minutes to 3 hours
    •  2.2 miles
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    Cedarock Park is an unusual municipal park in that it’s a good 6 miles from anything that can be considered “municipal.” Yet the park appears ...

  • Guilford Mackintosh Lakeside Double LoopView Trail Details

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    Bellemont, NC

    •  2.8 miles
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    This double loop hike takes place at Guilford Mackintosh Park, located on Lake Mackintosh, developed as a water source for Burlington. The elevation ...