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Trans Canada Highway: Golden to Lake Louise :: Golden, BC

This 82-kilometer (49-mile) drive, starting where the Revelstoke to Golden drive (Drive 17) leaves off, is a spectacular mountain drive through BC’s gateway to the famous Canadian Rocky Mountain national parks. From the recreation-oriented town of Go

Lake McArthur / Big Larches Loop :: Golden, BC

This trail skirts Schaffer Lake and offers fantastic views of Mount Odaray, Mount Schaffer, Lake McArthur, and the Big Larch Forest. At 84 meters, Lake McArthur is the deepest lake in Yoho National Park. Framed by Park Mountain, Mount Biddle, Mount S

Lake O'Hara Shoreline Trail :: Golden, BC

This gentle stroll loops around Lake O’Hara, offering fantastic views of surrounding mountains and Seven Veils Falls. If you skip Lake O’Hara, you’ll miss some of the most breathtaking scenery in Yoho National Park. Perfect for all ages and fitness

Wapta Falls :: Golden, BC

A quick and easy hike offering views of spectacular Wapta Falls. Wapta Falls is the largest waterfall in terms of volume of water in Yoho National Park. Even better than that, it’s a quick and easy hike that ends with the thundering falls, which yo

Hamilton Falls and Hamilton Lake :: Golden, BC

This short but incredibly steep climb passes Hamilton Falls and offers superb views of Mount Vaux and Mount Goodsir. You may feel a bit like a mountain goat on this seemingly never-ending climb—one of the most strenuous in Yoho National Park. But you

Centennial Loop :: Golden, BC

This leisurely stroll leads you through the forest along the Yoho River. This trail is perfect as a leisurely after-dinner stroll or a quick stretch break. Besides the Emerald Lake Circuit, it’s also the only other short walk in Yoho National Park th

Iceline Trail / Little Yoho / Yoho Valley Loop :: Golden, BC

This hike offers some of the most fantastic scenery in Yoho National Park, including close-up views of the Emerald Glacier. From close-up views of glaciers to crystal-clear mountain lakes and rivers, golf-course green forests, and a sea of rocky mora

Alpine Loop :: Golden, BC

This high-elevation trail offers bird’s-eye views of Lake O’Hara, Lake Oesa, the Opabin Plateau, Schaffer Lake, and the many mountains surrounding Lake O’Hara. Looking up from Lake O’Hara, this hike appears much more treacherous than it actually is.