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Prince Edward Island National Park :: North Rustico, PE

As you venture out into Rustico Harbour, keep an eye out for fast-moving fishing boats that must stay within the channel or otherwise go aground. Stay to the side of the channel and paddle out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Keep an eye on the weath

Homestead Trail :: Cavendish, PE

The trail is in Prince Edward Island National Park, near Cavendish, on the north shore of the island. Prince Edward Island National Park is the perfect destination to combine a fun cycling excursion with swimming, sea kayaking, or hiking with the fa

The North Shore: "Perfect Strangers" :: North Rustico, PE

This section of Prince Edward Island’s hospitable coastline combines the rolling sand dunes and low sandstone cliffs so typical of the Island’s shores. It is home to the world-famous Malpeque oysters, the immortal Anne of Green Gables, and the Island

Stanley Bridge North :: North Rustico, PE

I once sailed my canoe from the Morris Bridge, down the Stanley River, under Stanley Bridge, and across New London Bay to the south side of the barrier beach known as the Cavendish Dunes. The sailing was memorable, but the paddling is equally enjoyab

North Rustico Harbour :: North Rustico, PE

North Rustico Harbour is an excellent point from which to launch for paddling in Rustico Bay or along the north shore. The bay is sheltered by Robinsons Island, which is part of Prince Edward Island National Park. Even though Robinsons Island serves

Tracadie Bay :: Mount Stewart, PE

Tracadie Bay offers plenty of delightful paddling. In addition, there are some rather extraordinary features that may lure you even more than the water. For some reason, photographing from the wharf area allows you to get very close to the feeding he

French River :: Springbrook, PE

French River is located on the north shore of the island, overlooking New London Bay, less than roughly 12 miles northeast of Kensington and roughly the same distance west of Cavendish. The main portion of this ride traces a 8-mile loop from French R