Washington National Parks Trails

To find trails in Washington national parks, national monuments and other National Park Service locations, select a region or trail below.

North Cascades National Park & Ross Lake National Recreation Area :: Sedro Wooley, WA

These two adjacent areas contain majestic ice-covered mountain peaks and canyons. Ross Lake Recreation Area actually is an L-shaped strip of land that separates the northern and southern portions of North Cascades. There are more than 300 glaciers in

Spray Falls :: Mount Rainier National Park, WA

This hike travels over several small ridges through beautiful forest to striking Spray Falls, which provides tired hikers with a nice misting on hot summer days.

Tolmie Peak :: Mount Rainier National Park, WA

This very popular hike travels through forest and meadow to a fire lookout atop Tolmie Peak, which offers a spectacular view of the northwestern side of Mount Rainier. The trail also takes you by serene Eunice Lake, a lake surrounded by jutting peaks

Old Mine Trail :: Mount Rainier National Park, WA

A casual walk along the permanently closed Carbon River Road leads to an extremely steep, but short ascent to the entrance to a decommissioned mine. The trail weaves around majestic trees, some fallen and some standing tall. You will see mossy logs a

Mount Leona :: Colville National Forest, WA

The trail begins next to a beautiful wooden sign depicting the route, compliments of the Ferry County chapter of the Back Country Horsemen. Rock-hop across Lambert Creek and reach a junction in 0.3 mile. You’ll be returning left, so continue right on

Ryan Cabin-Stickpin Loop :: Colville National Forest, WA

From the trailhead clearing, look up at Leona, straight ahead and straight up. But your route is much gentler. First follow a cow-pied cow path to an old road. This is open range, and the views west across the golden Curlew Creek valley look like the

Sentinel Butte :: Colville National Forest, WA

On good tread, start climbing through a windblown forest of lodgepole pine. Visible north through gaps in the forest is Profanity Peak with its inviting meadows. But the bushwhacking involved in getting to that trail-less summit may provoke its names

Taylor Ridge :: Colville National Forest, WA

Start by taking the Kettle Crest Trail—you’ll be returning on the road just to the west of it. Beginning its 43-mile journey southward across the spine of the Kettle River Range, the excellent trail moderately ascends, traversing groves of larch, fir

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour Trails :: Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, WA

Start on the paved wheelchair-accessible trail with interpretive signs for an easy walk to a wildlife-viewing blind at the far end of the peninsula that juts into Kepple Lake. Continue the loop clockwise by following the single-track dirt trail along

Pine Lakes :: Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, WA

From the parking area, cross the road to the Pine Lakes Loop trailhead and check out Winslow Pool observation area before proceeding down on the paved path. Hike past Winslow Pool, a favorite area for redwing blackbirds and a variety of waterfowl, in

Pine Lakes Loop :: Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, WA

The Pine Lakes Loop Trail is an easy hike in the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. The route generally follows the shoreline of one of the Pine Lakes, offering an excellent opportunity to view several species of waterfowl. Moose are also occasionall

30 Acre Lake :: Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, WA

This is a fairly short, easy, and somewhat out-of-the-way hike on the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. Hiking this route offers excellent wildlife-viewing possibilities.

Blackhorse Lake Boardwalk :: Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, WA

The Blackhorse Lake Boardwalk is a very short, easy stroll on the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. The trail leads to a platform viewpoint overlooking Blackhorse Lake and the wetlands that surround it.

Stubblefield Lake Loop :: Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, WA

The Stubblefield Lake Loop provides a good overall cross section of the types of terrain that can be found on the Turnbull Refuge. The trail starts in semi-open ponderosa pine timberland then breaks out into open grassland, providing the hiker with a

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge :: Ridgefield, WA

The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge lies just across the Columbia River from the north end of Sauvie Island. Like Sauvie Island, the refuge offers countless paddle trips on its various sloughs, creeks, rivers, and lakes. The geography of the area

Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail: Stevens Pass Right-of-Way Section :: Stevens Pass, WA

The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail spans 2,650 miles. A 1.5-mile railroad right-ofway begins at Stevens Pass and follows the path of the upper switchback of the rail line. The trail then leaves the right-ofway and enters the Henry M. Jackson Wil

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Trail :: Olympia, WA

The Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is a treasury of birds and wildlife at any time of the year, but children will especially love this hike in the spring, when ducklings, goslings, and baby rabbits are everywhere. The amazing colony of blue her

Olympic National Park Campgrounds :: Port Angeles, WA

Olympic National Park occupies the center of the Olympic Peninsula, and boasts spectacular mountain wonderlands, dense rain forests, sweeping vistas, and rugged glaciers. Camping opportunities abound in this wilderness environment. Campgrounds incl

Mount Rainier National Park Campgrounds :: Enumclaw, WA

Mount Rainier National Park welcomes visitors to a mountain wonderland of dense forests, dazzling wildflowers, tremendous snowfields, and rugged glaciers. Campers can look forward to enjoying the fresh smell of trees and soil, the soothing - and so

International Migratory Bird Day at Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge :: Colville, WA

Celebrate International Migratory Bird Day by taking part in one or more birding events in northeastern Washington. As a bonus, you may even see a moose! The Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge hosts an annual 2.5-mile bird walk along the ri

Walk, Run, Ride, and Work: National Trails Day in Spokane :: Spokane, WA

Celebrate National Trails Day this weekend at one of the best events in the state, the Spokane River Centennial Trail Festival. The Spokane River Centennial Trail Festival is one of the best of the fun events. And as a great side benefit, May and J

Flourishing Wildflowers, Newborn Wildlife: Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park :: Port Angeles, WA

Visit Hurricane Ridge to see gorgeous meadows of wildflowers, dramatic sunrises and sunsets, scenic mountain views, and close-up looks at black-tailed deer fawns and baby marmots. If you want to experience it all, drive up to Lookout Rock Vista befor

A Delectable Feast: Huckleberry Picking in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest :: White Salmon, WA

It’s huckleberry-picking time—don’t miss it. These delicious berries are produced in abundance in many locations around the state. One of the best is near Trout Lake, in southeastern Washington. This site is a traditional berry gathering area and i

Changing Seasons, Passing Through: National Wildlife Refuge Week :: Seattle, WA

National wildlife refuges come alive as vocal, migrating birds fill the skies, ponds, and fields; other wildlife actively forage for winter food supplies; and cottonwood and aspen leaves turn a brilliant gold. Each of the refuges described in the eTr

McNary National Wildlife Refuge :: Pasco, WA

The McNary National Wildlife Refuge is primarily a waterfowl preserve. The refuge encompasses many flooded fields, sloughs, and inlets along the Columbia River. It also sprawls across farmlands that provide winter forage for migratory birds. This are

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge :: Spokane, WA

Covering more than16,000 acres, the Turnbull Wildlife Refuge serves as a wildlife sanctuary to hundreds of bird species, including twenty-seven species of ducks. Mammals thrive here as well, taking advantage of the vast undisturbed habitat (only 2200

Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge Campgrounds :: Colville, WA

Let’s get this out of the way. “Pond Oray.”

Mercer Slough National Park :: Bellevue, WA

This Bellevue Parks and Community Services Department gem offers easy access to a vast array of native plants and wildlife, just minutes from downtown. The vestigial wetlands provide a window into life here prior to modern development. And the intere

Ebey's Landing State Park and National Historic Reserve :: Coupeville, WA

Ebey's Landing is one of the most spectacular and historically significant locations anywhere on Puget Sound. Reminiscent of the golden hills above San Francisco Bay, the high bluffs provide sweeping views of the water from the Olympic Peninsula to V

Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge :: Olympia, WA

Far from its glacial source on the southern side of Mount Rainier, the Nisqually River empties into Puget Sound in a broad delta. Once a working farm, the site has become one of the finest birdwatching locations in the Puget Sound region, although ma

Mount Rainier National Park: Mowich Lake, Eunice Lake, and Tolmie Peak Lookout :: Carbonado, WA

The panoramic view from Tolmie Peak is one of the finest in the entire northwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park. The summit lookout provides a great perspective for studying the giant volcano and its surroundings while Eunice Lake shimmers in

Mount Rainier National Park: Spray Falls and Spray Park :: Carbonado, WA

This deservedly popular hike finds its way on a moderate walk through the woods to one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in the state of Washington—or anywhere else, for that matter. Past the falls, a challenging 600-foot ascent in the n

Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail 2000, Leech Lake Trailhead to Fish Lake :: Silver Beach, WA

Hike along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail through the lake-studded southern part of the William O. Douglas Wilderness. The route soon passes below a small, narrow talus slope. Pikas inhabit these rocks and may let out a whistle to announce y

Naches Peak Loop National Park Trail and Trail 2000 :: Sunrise, WA

Early in the summer (July), the flower gardens along this loop rival those to be found anywhere. The first 1. 6 miles of this hike are within Mount Rainier National Park. This trail is open to hikers only, as are most of the trails in Mount Rainier

Boulder Cave National Recreation Trail 962 :: Cliffdell, WA

Hike through the east-side transition-zone forest to the upper entrance of Boulder Cave. Then descend through a short but very interesting cavern to its mouth. From the trailhead the route climbs gently southwest, through open ponderosa pine, Dougla

Julia Butler Hansen National Wildlife Refuge Trail :: Skamokawa, WA

A flat and easy hike through a rich Columbia River bottomland: explore snaking sloughs and observe a slew of bird and wildlife, including the federally endangered Columbian white-tailed deer.

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge: Bear River Trail :: Stringtown, WA

Follow the lazy and snaking Bear River to the sprawling mud and salt flats of Willapa Bay. During low tide look out over a landscape that glistens. Listen to it belch and gurgle. Watch herons spear fry, osprey drop from the sky, and otters playfull

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge: Long Island Trail :: Middle Nemah, WA

The largest estuarine island on the entire Pacific Coast, Willapa Bay’s Long Island is indeed a special place to hike. Miles of trails and old woods roads traverse this 5460-acre land mass, allowing access to quiet tidal flats, scenic bluffs, hidde

Quinault National Recreation Trails :: Amanda Park, WA

The Quinault National Recreation Trail system offers a mélange of hiking options to choose from. With nearly 10 miles of well-maintained interconnecting trails, your choices are as varied as spring wildflowers on these popular paths. Trails lead fr

Crab Creek (Columbia National Wildlife Refuge) :: Hartline, WA

The Columbia National Wildlife Refuge is a land of imposing basaltic coulees within the heart of the Columbia Plateau. Despite receiving less than 8 inches of rain a year, the refuge is littered with lakes and marshes thanks to seepage from surroundi

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge: Twin Barns Loop :: Nisqually, WA

Rescued from the developers in the 1960s and 70s, this former dairy farm occupies the scenic Nisqually River Delta, a critical habitat for hundreds of wildlife species. More than 700 acres of the refuge are undergoing restoration work to return the

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge :: Nisqually, WA

The Nisqually River delta is a treasure. First, it’s a wetland: an area inundated or saturated by surface or ground water that supports a unique community of plants and animals specifically adapted to life in waterlogged soil. Wetlands like the Nisqu

Mount Rainier National Park: Wonderland Trail, from Fryingpan Creek to Mowich Lake :: Ashford, WA

Explore Mount Rainier from nearly every angle on this classic weeklong stretch of the Wonderland Trail.

Mount Rainier National Park: Summit via Disappointment Cleaver :: Seattle, WA

This challenging climb on Mount Rainier gains almost 2,000 feet per mile.

Mount Rainier National Park: Camp Muir :: Ashford, WA

Experience this world-class, glaciated peak in a day on an 8.4-mile out-and-back that climbs 4,600 feet to a high-altitude camp above the Muir Snowfield.

Mount Rainier National Park: Tatoosh Range :: Ashford, WA

This backcountry trek serves up two mountain lakes, intimate views of Mount Rainier, and some off-trail scrambles in the Tatoosh Range.

Mount Rainier National Park: Spray Park :: Sumner, WA

This backcountry trek serves up two mountain lakes, intimate views of Mount Rainier, and some off-trail scrambles in the Tatoosh Range.

North Cascades National Park: Copper Ridge Loop :: Marblemount, WA

Come for the sheer, glaciated peaks, but be mesmerized by rain-fed waterfalls that pour down on all sides along this weeklong trip. Scores of mountains that rise 3,000 feet in the last horizontal mile to their summits. At least 77 peaks that tower 6

North Cascades National Park: Cascade Pass to Sahale Glacier Camp :: Marblemount, WA

Satisfy your wanderlust on this 5.4-mile out-and-back, which offers stop-and-gawk panoramas of the jagged Cascades blanketed by glaciers. Neck-craning views begin in the parking lot, where hulking granite masses of Cascade Peak, the Triplets, and Joh

North Cascades National Park: Easy Pass to Thunder Creek :: Marblemount, WA

This 25-mile point-to-point in North Cascades National Park weaves past electric wildflowers displays and climbs to an airy, 6,525-foot alpine pass. The North Cascades’ rough and remote reputation keeps even the hint of crowds away, making it a cinch