Idaho National Parks Trails

To find trails in Idaho national parks, national monuments and other National Park Service locations, select a region or trail below.

Chilco Mountain National Recreation Trail :: Bayview, ID

Hike from a remote trailhead to the ridgeline of Chilco Mountain. Then follow the ridge south to the open subalpine summit of North Chilco Peak, with its great view of Lake Pend Oreille. Continue south from the north peak to Chilco Saddle, then ascen

Boise National Forest: Crooked River Trail :: Boise, ID

Walk through a high-elevation alpine ecosystem along a clear river on one of the few nonmotorized trails in Boise National Forest. Stunning rock outcroppings contrast with the surrounding forest. Smooth boulders in the waterway below the trail create

Boise National Forest: Mores Mountain Interpretive Trail Extension :: Boise, ID

For an alpine hike that features wildflowers in summer and colorful foliage in autumn, consider this nature trail in the Boise National Forest, 4 miles beyond the entry to Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. The trail offers a bounty of sensory exp

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge: Nature Trail Habitat Hike :: Nampa, ID

Located on the Pacific Flyway bird migratory path, the refuge on the shore of Lake Lowell near Nampa is a designated Watchable Wildlife site famous for its bird-watching opportunities. Views of the mountains in the Boise National Forest are to the

Colgate Licks National Recreation Trail :: Kooskia, ID

This hikers-only trail offers a leisurely stroll through a variety of forest types just above US 12 west of Powell.

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge :: Paris, ID

As with many of the refuges and wildlife management areas set aside for the enhancement of waterfowl and shorebirds, a large portion of this refuge is off-limits to visitors the majority of the year. A 2.5-mile-long viewing loop is open all year and

Deep Creek Trail- Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge :: Sandpoint , ID

The Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge is a great destination for wellbehaved and inquisitive dogs. The 2774-acre reserve was established in 1965 to protect habitat for migratory waterfowl. Over 200 species of birds nest or pass through the refuge ann

Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail :: Coeur d'Alene, ID

Besides being an excellent hike with great views, the Mineral Ridge Trail is both a history and natural history lesson. In the direction described below, the upgrades are very moderate. Benches along the way make pleasant rest stops, if you are so in

Caribou Ridge National Recreation Trail :: Coeur d'Alene, ID

This fairly strenuous climb up Caribou Ridge passes several viewpoints. As you climb, you travel through a widely diverse mixed conifer forest, maybe flushing out a grouse along the way. The lower 2.6 miles of this trail is generally rougher, rockier

Clearwater and Snake River National Recreation Trail (Lewiston Levies) :: Lewiston, ID

Impressive vistas of the mighty Snake and Clearwater rivers; year-round use. Located near Lewiston. Tread: Paved urban recreation trail.

Craters of the Moon National Monument :: Arco, ID

Only in Hawaii will you be able to find a greater number of volcanic basalt formations. At Craters of the Moon, volcanic eruptions ages ago and huge rivers of molten lava gushing out from a rift in the earth have created immense fields of hardened la

Sawtooth National Recreation Area :: Stanley, ID

This high mountain region sits at the convergence of three mountain ranges and provides some spectacular alpine scenery. In addition to dozens of perpetually snow-capped mountain peaks, there are countless lakes, thick forests and the Salmon River ch

Fremont Area :: Island Park, ID

The corner of Idaho that butts up against Yellowstone National Park may lack some of the specific attractions of the park—Old Faithful, for example, is in Wyoming—but the kind of land is much the same. This area of Idaho is mountainous, forested, and

Lewis and Clark Back Country Byway :: Tendoy, ID

A 39-mile,Type I byway that climbs up to Lemhi Pass where Lewis and Clark crossed the Continental Divide in 1805. The Lewis and Clark Back Country Byway climbs from Tendoy along the Lemhi River to the crest of the Continental Divide and Lemhi Pass on

Idaho Falls to Craters of the Moon :: Blackfoot, ID

A 102-mile drive across lava plains on two-lane paved roads between Idaho Falls, the largest city in eastern Idaho, and Craters of the Moon National Monument on the northern edge of the Snake River plain. Special attractions: Idaho Falls; Hell’s Ha

Weiser River Trail :: Weiser, ID

At 86 continuous miles, the Weiser River Trail is the longest nonmotorized multiuse rail trail in Idaho and a designated National Recreation Trail. It travels on the original railbed beside the Weiser River and through rural towns of southwestern Ida

English Point Yellow Loop :: Hayden Lake, ID

The English Point Yellow Loop (Trail 80) is the longest of the five loop trails in the English Point Trail System. Some- what unusual in this suburban setting, these trails are on an isolated parcel of national forest land. Because of the gentle grad

Swan Falls Petroglyph Tour :: Kuna, ID

View extensive petroglyphs on large boulders at Wees Bar; catch a glimpse of a golden eagle, prairie falcon, or red-tailed hawk soaring above the Snake River, or white chicks in cliffside nests. The Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation

Grays Lake to Bear Lake :: Montpelier, ID

This 115-mile drive passes through the quiet southeastern corner of the state. All travel is on two-lane paved roads, except for side trips to visit a pair of wildlife refuges. Pastoral landscapes and massive lava flows are both present for significa

Boundary Area :: Bonners Ferry, ID

Where do you go to live if you want to get away from it all? This is one of the places—the farthest northern reach of Idaho, hugging the Canadian border. In fact, a fair number of the people who live here came here for just that reason. There are two

Oregon Trail Historic Reserve Trail System :: Boise, ID

A combination of vast views of the lush river valley, basalt cliffs, and history make this trail a must-do. Learn about the Oregon Trail while hiking near intact ruts left by the original wagon trains. Both the Kelton Ramp and this section of the Ore

Avimor: Burnt Car Draw Trail :: Boise, ID

Views of pyramid-shaped Stack Rock and the alpine slopes of Boise National Forest are constant companions on this hike through desert sagebrush, bunchgrass, and wildflowers. The remoteness of the upland rangeland reminds hikers that the Wild West—whe

Priest Lake - Lakeshore Trail :: Priest River, ID

If you’re looking for an easy hike for ol’ Rover, one that’s perfect for both warm sunny days and cool rainy ones, look no farther than the Lakeshore Trail. This national recreation trail travels for more than 7 miles along the pristine northwestern

Idaho - Rough Guides :: Boise, ID

Idaho, sandwiched in between Washington, Oregon and Montana, was the last of the states to be penetrated by whites, and rivals Alaska in the sheer scale of its barely explored wilderness areas. Though much of its scenery amply deserves national park

Shafer Butte Loop :: Boise, ID

Upper Boise Front Range, Bogus Basin Ski Area. This ride takes you to the summit of the Boise Ridge. It gives you a good chance to see Bogus Basin, which is almost alpine, in the summer. Once you get up to the top (Shafer Butte), there are dozens

Thousand Springs :: Buhl, ID

This is an easy 61-mile drive on two-lane roads through a rich agricultural landscape, beginning at a historic stage stop, and ending at a pocket-sized canyon. Side trips to Balanced Rock, Hagerman National Fish Hatchery, and The Nature Conservancy’s

West Yellowstone, MT, to Jackson, WY :: Ashton, ID

A three-state drive past two popular lake recreation areas that takes you across the Continental Divide, through high forest, then descends to a broad farming valley along the back side of the beautiful Teton Range on the Teton Scenic Byway. The firs

Hidden Springs: Red Tail and Lookout Loop Trails :: Boise, ID

Located in a secluded valley near the community of Hidden Springs, this trail offers a quick, steep hike in the Dry Creek drainage. A short ascent opens to views of Boise National Forest and the growing residential development. After briefly parall

Polecat Gulch Reserve: Polecat Loop Trail :: Boise, ID

Gently traverse sagebrush-covered hillsides and walk on high ridges offering views of Boise National Forest and the Treasure Valley below. Although near Boise, this hike provides a feeling of remoteness.

Stanley Hot Springs :: Glenwood, ID

Stanley Hot Springs is far and away the most popular destination for day hikers in the Wilderness Gateway area. It provides good scenic value and overall is a more challenging hike than the perennially popular but loved-to-death Weir Creek and Jerry

Moose Creek Trail to Moose Meadows Jedediah Smith Wilderness :: Victor, ID

The Jedediah Smith Wilderness encompasses the western slope of the Grand Teton Range, adjacent to Grand Teton National Park. Moose Creek forms on the upper west slope of Rendezvous Mountain within the rugged wilderness. The creek flows ten miles, fro

Beula Lake :: Ashton, ID

Located 15 miles west of the south entrance to Yellowstone National Park, along the very southern border of the park. A short day hike to a serene lake amid dense lodgepole forested hills.

Bechler River Trail and Bechler Canyon :: Ashton, ID

Located 27 miles east of Ashton, Idaho, in the southwest sector of Yellowstone National Park. A 3- to 5-day backpack trip into an incomparable river canyon.

Bechler Meadows :: Ashton, ID

Located 24 miles east of Ashton, Idaho, in the southwest sector of Yellowstone National Park. A day hike into the exceptionally unusual, lesser-known southwest corner of Yellowstone.

Hominy Peak / Jackass Pass / South Boone Creek Loop :: Driggs, ID

Located 25 miles due east of Ashton, Idaho, in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness and the northern portion of Grand Teton National Park. A little-known, 2- to 3-day loop that travels along high timbered ridges.

Lost Man Trail :: Coeur d'Alene, ID

The Lost Man Trail and its continuation, the Wilson Trail, connect the Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail with an obscure trailhead on Elk Mountain Road atop Mineral Ridge. These trails can also be easily hiked, in the opposite direction from wh

Warm River Rail-Trail / Mesa Falls Scenic Loop :: Ashton, ID

Scenic tour of Warm River area, towering Mesa Falls, and the Targhee National Forest. Located 9 miles northeast of Ashton. Tread: 5 miles of rail-trail, 3.4 miles of doubletrack, 6.3 miles of paved road.

Falls River Drainage :: Ashton , ID

The Falls River and its major tributaries generally flow west or southwest from the southwest flank of the great volcanic plateau that forms the core of Yellowstone National Park. They merge in Idaho with the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. The uppe

Yellowstone Branch Line Railroad ROW Trail :: Ashton, ID

Known for scenic views of rivers, wildlife, and mountain ranges, this trail runs on a railroad right-of-way through the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. It runs near the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway near the town of Ashton to Reas Pass at the Montana bord

Wood River Trail :: Sun Valley, ID

Originating close to the rugged Smoky and Boulder Mountains south of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in central Idaho, this trail passes through the Wood River Valley. Following on or next to the original railbed, the trail goes by the town o

Hulls Gulch Interpretive Trail :: Boise, ID

Designated as a National Recreation Trail, the Hulls Gulch Interpretive Trail passes through two types of distinct habitats. Sagebrush grasslands are part of the Great Basin desert that lines the hillsides; maples, birches, and syringa grow along the

Iron Mountain Loop :: Bonners Ferry, ID

Steep trails that discourage riffraff lead to lofty views of the Kootenai River Valley from Iron Mountain. Once the elevation is gained, the open-ridge hiking is delightful in this lightly used niche of the Idaho Panhandle National Forests. Camping

Upper Coeur d'Alene River :: Kellogg, ID

Coeur d’Alene River National Recreation Trail 20 appeals to day hikers, overnighters, and fly fishers alike. It parallels the Upper Coeur d’Alene River, sometimes running high above the stream, for about 14 miles. The trail most logically is broken

Rapid River :: Riggins, ID

This is a deep, dramatic canyon with a crystal-clear stream. It is hikable for three seasons of the year. Rapid River is a unit of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. Drive north from New Meadows on US 95 for 29 miles, or south from Riggins

English Point West :: Hayden, ID

The trails in the English Point Trail System are on an isolated parcel of national forest land, somewhat unusual in this suburban setting. Because of the gentle grades of these routes and the opportunity to take one of the shorter loops if members

Kelly Creek :: Pierce, ID

Fishing rods generally are in the hands of people hiking this trail into a roadless area that’s part of the Great Burn Wilderness proposal. Kelly Creek, named after a prospector, is nationally known because of its excellent fly fishing for native c

Trail Flat Hot Springs and Sheepeater Hot Springs :: Stanley, ID

A backpack to a double bubble in the Middle Fork Salmon River Canyon. Public nudity prohibited within river corridor. Two remote hot springs lie 6 miles apart near the upper end of the Middle Fork Salmon River. The streamside soaks at Trail Flat ar

Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway :: Idaho City, ID

A 93-mile highway along mountain streams, into the spectacular Sawtooth Mountains Recreation Area. Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway encircles two sides of the magnificent Sawtooth Wilderness while traveling along several beautiful rivers. The two-lane roa

Palisades Reservoir to Henrys Lake :: Ashton, ID

A pleasant, 170-mile journey through forested hills and vast fields of potatoes, with the scenic backdrop of the Tetons as accompaniment. The drive follows portions of two National Forest Scenic Byways, with spectacular waterfalls on its northern rea

Rexburg to Island Park :: Rexburg, ID

This 165-mile drive takes in an eclectic mix of sand dunes, lava and sagebrush, agricultural land, wildlife refuges, and forests as it passes through the sparsely settled lands between Rexburg and the Idaho-Montana border. Special attractions: Teto