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Mersey River :: Maitland Bridge, NS

Kejimkujik National Park does not feature dramatic scenery. There are no towering mountains or sheer cliffs. There are no deep canyons or even, except at the Seaside Adjunct, any wave-swept coastline. But Kejimkujik National Park does boast a tranqui

Fire Tower Trail :: Maitland Bridge, NS

The trail is locate in Kejimkujik National Park, which is situated between the South Shore and the Annapolis Valley. The Fire Tower Road in Kejimkujik National Park is one of the longest trails open to mountain bikers and is a wonderful way to explo

Mason’s Cabin :: Maitland Bridge, NS

There is only one cabin campsite available in Kejimkujik National Park: campsite #37, known as Mason’s Cabin. This is situated in the southwest corner of the park, at the narrowest point on the slender sliver of land separating Peskawa and Pebblelogg

New Germany :: Lunenburg, NS

The South Shore Annapolis Valley Recreational Trail extends 65 km (40.1 mi) between Middleton in the Annapolis Valley and New Germany, about as far away from the ocean as you can get in Nova Scotia, and only opened in 2010. There are not many managed