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Matthews Head Trail, Fundy National Park :: Cardwell, NB

The trail features the stone foundations of the old Matthews homestead as well as spectacular views across the Bay of Fundy, including Squaws Cap, a sea stack. Picnic tables are found at the parking lot, and bunchberries, raspberries, wildflowers,

Coastal Trail, Fundy National Park :: Cardwell, NB

The main features of this trail are the frequent lookouts across the Bay of Fundy, including the Squaws Cap sea stack formation. A few benches are placed at some lookouts. There is access to Herring Cove Beach. Trail Condition: a few wet spots along

East Branch Fundy National Park :: Cardwell, NB

The major attraction of the trail is an old logging dam and yard at the East Branch of the Point Wolfe River, a reminder of the lumbering era at the Fundy Coast in the 19th century. From this dam, logs were floated down the river to the sawmill at Po

Forty Five River Falls :: Alma, NB

This craggy waterfall on the eastern edge of Fundy National Park flows underneath one of New Brunswick’s famous covered bridges.

Laverty Falls :: Alma, NB

Laverty Falls in Fundy National Park flows across a rock face, opening up to form a shimmering bridal veil of water, similar to one found at Welsford.

Third Vault Falls :: Alma, NB

This remarkable waterfall near the northern entrance to Fundy National Park is another must-see site for waterfallers.

Dickson Falls :: Alma, NB

Dickson Falls is the most accessible and most often photographed of the many waterfalls located in Fundy National Park.

The Falls Of Walton Glen Gorge :: Waterford, NB

Halfway between St. Martins and Fundy National Park, Little Salmon River cuts through the Fundy Highlands on its way to the Bay of Fundy.

The Forks Trail :: Cardwell, NB

The main feature is the narrow gorge at the end of the trail. The Broad River has some deep holes here. In the fall, Atlantic salmon rest here when they come up to spawn; they can be observed in these holes. Fly fishing for salmon is allowed, provi

Dobson Trial :: Riverview, NB

It seems fitting to end the book with one of the first trails ever constructed in the area. In 1960, the trails we hike today (Mapleton, Irishtown, the Trans Canada Trail) did not exist, and Centennial Park was still very much a wilderness park. But

Bennett Brook :: Alma, NB

The trail is located in Fundy National Park, near the Wolfe Lake or west entrance of the park. The main attractions at Fundy National Park are the dramatic cliffs that plunge into the ocean and a shoreline of colorful, rocky beaches. These sights are

Marven Lake :: Alma, NB

The trail is in Fundy National Park. This ride is a 10-mile out-and-back trip along an old road leading out past Chambers Lake to Marven Lake. For most of the ride, conditions are easy and require no advanced technical skills. There are, however,

Dobson Trail :: Cherryfield, NB

This 59 km (37 mi) footpath from Riverview to Fundy National Park is the work of many volunteers under the direction of trail master Edwin Melanson. As one would expect, a trail of such length offers a wide variety of scenery. This includes a hillt

Irishtown Nature Park Trails :: Moncton, NB

Irishtown Nature Park is the park that serendipity brought us. The Irishtown Road Reservoir was formed when the Harris brothers dammed Ogilvie Brook in the 1870s. It served as part of the city water supply for years, and, because of this, the land ar

Goose River :: Alma, NB

The trail is in Fundy National Park. This ride follows an old cart track through heavily wooded terrain, rolling across a series of hills and valleys created by fast-flowing streams. It is a 9.8-mile out-and-back excursion that is well signed and eas