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Denali National Park and Preserve: Savage River Loop :: Denali National Park, AK

On a tight travel schedule or not ready to go off trail? Sample Denali on a rugged 3.8-mile loop to a rocky playground of Dall sheep and panoramas of North America’s tallest peak.

Denali National Park and Preserve: Mount Eielson Loop :: Denali National Park, AK

Circle Mount Eielson, dash across scenic creek crossings, and ogle jaw-dropping views of the Alaska Range.

Denali National Park and Preserve: Toklat Valley :: Denali National Park, AK

Hike with grizzlies in this remote northern corner of Alaska’s greatest park.

Savage River Valley :: Denali National Park, AK

Two trail options, providing routes for all hiking abilities in a gorgeous river valley. Savage River Loop and Savage Alpine Trail are accessible trails in the expansive Savage River Valley, about 15 miles into Denali National Park. Savage River Loop

Mount Healy Trail :: Denali National Park, AK

A trail winding through forest and climbing into subalpine with access to ridgetop hiking, and potential views of Denali. The hike up Mount Healy, the ridge overlooking the entrance to Denali National Park, provides access to ridgeline hiking on one

Triple Lakes Trail :: Denali National Park, AK

This trail travels by forest, creeks, and lakes, and climbs into subalpine with panoramic views of the river valleys below. Triple Lakes Trail connects boreal forest to subalpine lakes, climbing to ridgeline with views of the glacially-carved river v

Parks Highway and Denali Park Road Side Trip :: Cantwell, AK

Paved highway from Wasilla to Fairbanks; 323 miles (520 kilometers). This paved artery connects Anchorage and Fairbanks, passing through some of the most breathtaking scenery in central Alaska. One of the newest roadways in the state, the Parks Highw

Denali Highway :: Paxson, AK

Improved gravel road from Paxson to Cantwell. This rugged gravel highway connects the Richardson and Parks highways by crossing the high tundra in the heart of the Alaska Range. Before the construction of the Parks Highway in 1971, this road was the

Chulitna River :: Anchorage, AK

The three forks of the Chulitna River have their origins in the southern slopes of the Alaska Range in the vicinity of Broad Pass. The East Fork Chulitna River begins as a small clearwater stream at the edge of the Mountains near Denali National Park