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Boston Harbor - Inner Islands :: Boston, MA

Kayaking Boston's busy Inner Harbor islands is a terrific urban adventure. Brimming with history, traffic, noise, and urbane beauty, this trip is challenging and stimulating. Learn a bit of the rich history of the islands, and this demanding tour wil

Boston Harbor - Outer Islands :: Boston, MA

There's never a dull moment kayaking Boston Harbor. Its fifty square miles include more than thirty islands hosting historic forts, lighthouses, and view-filled trails. Its waters offer up a variety of currents, refracting waves, and challenging wake

Boston Harbor: Hull to Outer Islands :: Hull, MA

The Boston Harbor Islands provide a wilderness paddling experience within the Boston metropolis and around one of the country’s most historical harbors. One of the best put-in spots is at Hull, where the waters are cleaner than other harbor spots, ca

Boston Harbor Islands :: Hingham, MA

It's a bit surreal to be camping on an island and sitting on a rocky ocean beach with a view of the Boston skyline. The soundtrack includes the crackle of campfire, the birds and other sounds of the forest...and planes coming in and out of Logan Inte

Boston, The Freedom Trail, Off the Trail, Boston Harbor Islands & Cambridge, MA :: Boston, MA

Boston is as complex as any city in the world—and more than most for drivers who are used to the familiar rectangular grid layout of many American cities. We could try to categorize it for you by its history, literature, education, culture, architect

Logan Airport - East Boston :: Boston, MA

This walk is for those stuck at Logan Airport or anyone wanting great views of Boston Harbor or a better acquaintance with East Boston. Walk by the water along lovely Harbor Walk through an interesting, historic part of East Boston to Piers Park—aptl

Hingham Harbor and Bumpkin and Grape Islands :: Hingham, MA

Hingham Harbor is an excellent starting point for kayakers who want to visit the Boston Harbor Islands but wish to stay within relatively protected waters. This trip offers two interesting harbor islands, a smattering of Hingham’s own tiny islands in

Spectacle Island :: Boston, MA

One of Boston’s greatest gems is its collection of 34 small islands scattered throughout the harbor. Many of these outcroppings provided excellent protection for the harbor, and you can still visit forts—some crumbling, others well preserved—that dot

Deer Island :: Winthrop, MA

Call it egg-celent, or perhaps sh–tty, but this tour around Boston’s iconic wastewater-treatment plant is as rich in history, spectacular views, and pleasant walking paths as it is free of any olfactory evidence of its unique location. The walk circl

Boston Harborwalk :: Boston, MA

Bostonians have always had a love-hate relationship with Boston Harbor and the waterfront. We alternately embrace it and shun it; thrive on its wealth and beauty and then pollute and isolate it. But the bond remains. Over the past thirty years we’ve

Deer Island, Boston :: Boston, MA

From a high hill on Deer Island, dramatic views spread out across Boston Harbor. You can see Boston’s sparkling skyline, lighthouses near and far, the harbor’s twenty-nine other islands, a new windmill at Hull, and open ocean all the way to Europe. A

Boston Harbor from City Point :: Boston, MA

From City Point, one can paddle to the Boston Harbor Islands for a strenuous full-day outing or take a spin around Old Harbor and Thompson Island for a short and easy paddle. Many kayakers also paddle from City Point to Fort Point Channel to a popula