Red River Gorge Trails

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Sheltowee Trace: Kentucky River to Red River Gorge :: Heidelberg, KY

This trail section has a little bit of everything. Start with a road walk from the depths of the Kentucky River Valley at Heidelberg to make KY 52. Head a short distance on KY 52 to New Virginia Ridge and enter the Big Sinking Creek Valley, where the

Red River Gorge End-to-End :: Stanton, KY

This end-to-end backpack travels through the Red River Gorge Scenic Area. From Whittleton Campground at Natural Bridge State Park, the Sheltowee Trace joins national forest land and nears Whittleton Arch before crossing Bert Combs Mountain Parkway. T

Natural Bridge and Red River Gorge Geologic Area :: Slade, KY

This is a trip for someone who wants to commune with nature, to wander the majestic wilderness, to breathe the scent of dogwood and wildflowers, and to marvel at the rugged cliffs and natural stone bridges in an area of Kentucky so wild that it has n

Sheltowee Trace: Red River Gorge to Cave Run Lake :: Salt Lick, KY

The two ends of this section have the some of the Trace’s best scenery, but also the biggest crowds. Start this section at the bottom of the Red River Gorge and make a rugged trek on the north side of the gorge. Here, the ST travels a single-track pa

Sheltowee Trace-Osborne Bend Loop :: Valeria, KY

The Clifty Wilderness, along the eastern border of the Red River Gorge Geological Area, is one of only two designated wilderness areas in the state of Kentucky. Remarkably, it is nearly empty of people. The famous Sheltowee Trace crosses the northern

Chimney Top Creek :: Campton, KY

This is one of my favorite walks in the Red River Gorge. There is no single feature to see, rather I enjoy the ever-changing yet constant beauty of the water and the land upon which it flows. Begin walking along the Red River to meet the Sheltowee

Chimney Top Rock, Princess Arch, and Half Moon Arch :: Slade, KY

Two short trails leave the parking lot but travel to sites not to be missed. The paved path to Chimney Top leads to an incredible lookout with a panoramic view over the Red River Gorge, the Chimney Top Creek Drainage, Half Moon Arch, Cloud Splitter R

Unnamed Arch :: Campton, KY

This hike begins nearthe Gladie Visitor Center and Historic Site and the Red River Gorge bison herd. You should incorporate a visit to these two attractions into your outing. A restored cabin is the centerpiece of this demonstration area that replica

Gray's Arch :: Slade, KY

A 50-foot-high natural arch and a small, shady creek with inviting wading pools highlight this Red River Gorge hike.This trail underwent major renovations in 2014 and is now a much clearer, nicer trail to hike. Natural arches are formed over thousand

Koomer Ridge :: Slade, KY

This walk along forested ridges in the Red River Gorge takes you to a small rock arch and a scenic stream. Logging, aided by the construction of rail lines, came to this remote gorge with a vengeance in the late 1800s, and by the 1920s much of the ar

Red River: Upper Red River to Lower Red River :: Campton, KY

Originating in Wolfe County, the Red River flows northwest through Powell County and along the Estill–Clark County line before emptying into the Kentucky River south of Winchester. During the early 1970s, national attention was focused on the river a

Sheltowe Trace-Bison Way Loop :: Valeria, KY

It is entirely possible that of all the trails the Red River Gorge has to offer, this one is the most popular. Two reasons quickly come to mind: the Indian Steps, a water-scoured formation up a steep sandstone cliff that rewards with a commanding vie

Sky Bridge :: Valeria, KY

Of all the trails in the Red River Gorge, this short path is likely the most heavily used of them all. Granted, the drive alone is stunning: the access road, as well as the trail, stretches along a ridge dividing the deep ravine of Swift Camp Creek f

Sheltowee Trace :: Mariba, KY

The Sheltowee Trace, Kentucky’s most famous trail, runs on a northsouth route for 269 miles through the length of the state. About 17 of those miles cross the length of the Red River Gorge Geological Area and the Clifty Wilderness with an additional

The Rough Trail :: Slade, KY

The Rough Trail, without a doubt, lives up to its name. That said, it is also likely the single-best long trail in the whole of the Red River Gorge. To do the whole trail demands endurance, as the path climbs no less than five ridges. Still, it can b

Rock Bridge Arch :: Campton, KY

This easy path, great for kids, visits some of the biggest trees in the area, including eastern hemlocks, which give parts of this trail a vaulted feel. Tangles of flowering rhododendrons, mountain laurels, and holly bushes line the trail. The path f

Koomer Ridge and Hidden Arch :: Slade, KY

To the north of the Koomer Ridge Campground lies some of the most amazing terrain in the Red River Gorge area. Around Koomer Ridge, a double loop surveys the best of the region. You will enjoy Hidden Arch, rock shelters, and a deep woodsy walk along

Grays Arch :: Slade, KY

One of the quickest and easiest ways to see one of the most famous arches in the Red River Gorge region is to make a short ramble through the forest to Grays Arch. Perched above an impressive overhang of cliffs dripping a steady pulse of water into a

Courthouse Rock and Auxier Ridge :: Slade, KY

The loop to Courthouse Rock offers the stunning cliff-top views that make the Red River Gorge famous. From the highest points, you will see the Gorge itself, as well as vistas to Ravens Rock, Haystack Rock, and Double Arch. Half of the hike descends

Hood's Branch-Sand Gap Loop :: Slade, KY

Of all the hikes in Natural Bridge State Resort Park—in fact, of all the hikes in the entire Red River Gorge area—this one is without a doubt one of the most demanding and difficult. You have several options for climbing to and descending from the Na

Rock Bridge :: Campton, KY

A beautiful loop hike that is dog-friendly and short enough for children, it goes by a rock house, a waterfall, and a true natural bridge with a picturesque creek flowing beneath it. The route takes you to two Red River Gorge landmarks. The first is

Natural Bridge State Resort Park Campground :: Daniel Boone National Forest, KY

Natural Bridge State Resort Park is one of Kentucky’s best locations, with something for everyone. Many come here to explore the Red River Gorge. You can choose among twelve hiking trails, ranging from 0.3 mile to about 4 miles long. If you want to d

Chimney Top Overnight Loop :: Campton, KY

This overnight loop traverses the south side of the Red River Gorge. Start on the Koomer Ridge Trail, visiting Hidden Arch, then dip into the Right Fork Chimney Top Creek watershed and spend here your first night. Next, head west along Buck Ridge to

Grays Arch Loop :: Campton, KY

This loop hike has a lot of ups and downs, literally. Leave the Grays Arch trailhead and enjoy some views before coming to the massive stone feature for which this loop is named. Grays Arch is one of the biggest draws in the Red River Gorge, and dese

Three Forks of Beaver Creek :: Somerset, KY

Hike to where the three forks of Beaver Creek meet in the lush bottomland of this wilderness area. The Beaver Creek Wilderness, the smaller of Kentucky’s two federal wilderness areas (the other is the Clifty Wilderness in the Red River Gorge), encomp

Natural Bridge and Hood Branch :: Slade, KY

This hike combines a visit to Kentucky’s best-known rock arch with a walk through the backcountry of Natural Bridge State Resort Park. Natural Bridge State Resort Park joins the southern end of the Forest Service’s Red River Gorge Geological Area. Th

Courthouse Rock and Double Arch :: Slade, KY

A commanding ridgetop view of the Red River Gorge and an unusual rock arch are the chief rewards of this hike. Courthouse Rock, a boulder the size of an office building, is one of the landmarks of the gorge area. Another is Double Arch, which has a l

Koomer Ridge Campground :: Slade, KY

Koomer Ridge Campground is perched on the edge of the Red River Gorge Geological Area. Among other things, this area has more natural arches within it than anywhere else in the East. The work of 70 million years of wind and water has resulted in more