Pine Barrens Trails

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Pine Barrens Cruise :: Camden, NJ

The Pine Barrens are a rural and somewhat mysterious area of New Jersey. This flat cruise takes you through the northern part of the Pine Barrens and shows you some nice small towns along the way.

Mullica River :: Pleasant Mills, NJ

You’ll find pine, oak, and white cedar woods; bogs; waterfowl; beaver; turtles; eagles; ospreys; and wild iris on this Pine Barrens river. This stretch of the pristine upper Mullica River is a favorite with paddlers from central and southern New Jers

Turn Mill Lake, Lake Success, and Colliers Mill Lake :: Whiting, NJ

Remote and quiet, three lakes nestle into the landscape within Colliers Mill Wildlife Management Area. The surroundings are typical of the Pine Barrens pine and mixed-oak hardwood forests, with cedar, sweet gum, and red maple edging the water. Mounta

Collier’s Mill Wildlife Management Area—Turn Mill Lake and Lake Success :: Jackson, NJ

Here you’ll find waterfowl, song birds, pheasants, quails, hawks, and red foxes. Remote and quiet, three lakes nestle into the landscape within the 12,000-acre Colliers Mill Wildlife Management Area. Colliers Mill was once filled with sawmills and sm

Wharton State Forest :: Hammonton, NJ

Wharton State Forest's 110,000 acres form the largest single tract of land in the New Jersey State Park System, but Wharton is part of a much larger system, one that stretches over one million acres in southern and central New Jersey, an area know as

Batona Trail: Carranza Memorial To Apple Pie Hill :: Tabernacle, NJ

This is a level walk past cedar swamps through pine woods to a spectacular view of South Jersey from the highest point in the Pine Barrens.

Parvin State Park :: Pittsgrove, NJ

This easy, level hike winds through a diverse variety of pine and hardwood forests at the southwestern fringes of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Nixon’s General Store Ride :: Red Lion, NJ

Just over 30 miles east of Philadelphia are the New Jersey Pine Barrens. This is a largely rural and undeveloped area of forested land that is mostly known for its pine trees. Life is a little slower in this region. This ride will take you on a loop

Penn State Forest: The Plains Trail :: Chatsworth, NJ

When the colonists first came upon the dwarf trees of the Pine Barrens, they assumed—because none were taller than 5 feet—that they had entered a forest of immature trees. However, after all these years the trees still haven’t grown much taller. As y

Estell Manor Loop Trail :: Egg Harbor City, NJ

A maze of sand roads, with names like TNT Road, crisscross the park, allowing for hikes of different lengths. For a good cross-section of Pine Barrens habitats, with minimum exposure to ticks, take a hike on the 1.8-mile boardwalk, circling back on a

Wells Mills Loop Trail :: Barnegat Township, NJ

This 900-acre park in the Pine Barrens has a lot to offer canine and human hikers—short, steep hills, one of the prettiest cedar swamps, a lake with geese and ducks, and creek crossings. Fido will enjoy the gaggle of white geese that may squawk by. O

Wharton State Forest - Batsto Lake Trail :: Hammonton, NJ

The New Jersey Pine Barrens have quite a unique ecosystem. The trail is sandy, lined with beautiful moss, and pine trees are obviously abundant. Wharton State Forest has a variety of outdoor activities to experience before or after your hike, includi

Parvin Lake and Thundergust Lake :: Centerton, NJ

More than 1,100 acres of Parvin State Park are yours to enjoy for paddling, camping, fishing, and hiking. Mountain laurel and dogwood lend a delicate scent to the air in late spring, as their blossoms open wide to splash the landscape with color. Sev

Lake Absegami :: New Gretna, NJ

Lake Absegami lies in the northwest corner of the Bass River State Forest at the southern end of Burlington County. The 67-acre body of water offers cedar swamps, bogs, and pine and mixed-oak forests surrounding the tea-colored waters typical of the

Atsion Lake :: Shamong, NJ

One of the larger lakes within the 110,000-acre Wharton State Forest, Atsion Lake (pronounced AT-zon by locals) is the only one that provides on-site camping facilities, many of which are lakeside. White water lilies carpet the shallower western end,

Batsto Village Loop Trail :: Batsto, NJ

Wharton State Forest lies in the heart of the Pine Barrens. Its 114,000 acres encompass typical pineland habitat, long stretches of trails, three rivers, many streams, two Natural Areas, and all the hiking you and your dog could want among the pines.

Wells Mills County Park Trails :: Waretown, NJ

With more than 900 acres, Wells Mills County Park offers hikers 16 miles of trails with varying degrees of difficulty, including a Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) Trail and a Tree Identification Trail. Within the largest park in Ocean County’s park s

Belleplain State Forest: Belleplain Circular Trail :: Woodbine, NJ

Chief Nummy and his band of Lenni-Lenape Indians hiked through this area of the southern Pine Barrens many times, and some of it has been protected as Belleplain State Forest and the Pinelands Preserve. Today it includes 2320 acres of upland and wetl

Brendan T. Byrne State Forest: Deep Hollow Trail :: New Lisbon, NJ

Don’t drive too fast or you may miss the trailhead, located in the tiny town of Ongs Hat. A mere pinhead on the map, Ongs Hat consists of a few houses and a family restaurant. In the 1840s, however, it was widely known for its cranberry cultivation.

Turkey Swamp Park Trails :: Freehold , NJ

Heavy rains came down the first day we camped at Turkey Swamp Park. History repeated itself the second day, but we decided to hike in the rain because a great portion of the trails are usually wet anyway! Although the soil is sandy here on the northe

Batsto Lake :: Green Bank, NJ

The first thing you may notice is the color of the water, a deep tea-color typical of the Pine Barrens. Natural tannins and acids leached from cedar trees, coupled with the naturally high iron content of surrounding soils, stain the water this deep r

Belleplain State Forest: Meisle Field and CCC Camp :: Woodbine, NJ

Unassuming and modest compared with their private cousins that pervade the nearby Cape May Peninsula, the campgrounds of Belleplain State Forest offer a respite from the Jersey Shore’s dense RV lifestyle. Belleplain, with its 20,000 acres, is n

Lake Oswego :: New Gretna, NJ

Touted as one of the prettiest rivers in the Pine Barrens, Oswego River takes you through Atlantic white cedar swamps, lowland forests, and freshwater marshes. If you want to combine biking and paddling, this is ideal. Lock your bike to a tree at the

Wharton State Forest—Batsto Lake :: Pleasant Mills, NJ

This lake offers pine, oak, and white cedar woods; bogs; waterfowl; beaver; turtles; eagles; ospreys; and wild iris. At more than 100,000 acres, Wharton State Forest is huge. If you look at a map of New Jersey, you’ll notice a big green circular area

Medford Lakes Cruise :: Camden, NJ

The northern end of southern New Jersey is filled with small towns, rural farmland, and a lot of quiet roads. This ride takes you from Columbus to the top of the Pine Barrens through Medford and back.

Prospertown Lake :: Jackson, NJ

Enjoy waterfowl and numerous coves to explore on this lake in the northern Pine Barrens. You’ll have an enjoyable paddle at this remote yet easily accessible lake surrounded by the Prospertown Wildlife Management Area. Neither gas nor electric motors

Cheesequake State Park :: Cliffwood, NJ

Though close to the Garden State Parkway and the metropolis, the terrain here in Cheesequake State Park is pleasantly diverse and rather remote. Journey past historic clay pits along with an array of ecosystems: saltwater marshes, freshwater swamps,

Monks Mountain :: Hewitt, NJ

A noble little loop hike that takes you to the peak of Monks Mountain, sharing several views from the top, where you will look down on Monksville Reservoir. Explore (carefully) the prickly pear cactus found bordering one of the vistas. The route also

The Devil Went Down to Jersey :: Tuckerton, NJ

Located in the heart of one of the most urbanized areas of the United States, the Pine Barrens is a 1.1-million-acre area of Atlantic coast that remains almost entirely undeveloped. Though many settlements rose and fell during this region’s long his

Cheesequake State Park: Cheesequake Cedar Swamp :: Matawan, NJ

Opened in 1940, Cheesequake State Park is Middlesex County’s only state park. It lies between New Jersey’s northern and southern vegetation zones, making it a transitional area with unique plant and animal life over diverse terrain. While hiking the

Black Run Preserve :: Evesham Township, NJ

The Pine Barrens are a unique environment in New Jersey in the Atlantic Coastal Plain. What makes the barrens special is that both the water and the soil have a very low pH, which means that only certain plants and animals can live here. Grasses and