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Best Trails Near West Glacier MT

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West Glacier has 121 trails in the vicinity, including 110 hiking trails, 14 for backpacking and 13 for other activities. These trails range from 0.6 to 38.8 miles in length. The longest trail in West Glacier is Glacier National Park: Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake a well-known trail measuring 38.8 miles in total length. The most popular trails are The Garden Wall, Iceberg Lake and St. Mary Lake. member Richard L. recently completed St. Mary and Virginia Falls.
Best Trails in West Glacier 121 Results
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A long day hike or extended backpack from Logan Pass. The Garden Wall section of the Highline ...
A backpack that follows the south shore of St. Mary Lake to Red Eagle Creek
A half-day hike from Going-to-the-Sun Road
This is a day hike from Snyder Creek trailhead to Mount Brown Lookout. The trail to the ...
The Dawson-Pitamakan (pronounced pit-AH-muh-kun) Trail runs from Two Medicine Lake to ...
A day hike from Siyeh Bend
This is a day hike or short backpack from Waterton townsite to Bertha Lake. This popular ...
A backpack from Kintla Lake to Upper Kintla Campground, 12.0 miles one way; from Kintla ...
Day hikes from Swiftcurrent Picnic Area. The Swiftcurrent Pass Trail follows the Swiftcurrent ...
A long day hike from Swiftcurrent Inn
A backpack from MT 17 to Slide Lake
A half-day hike from Two Medicine Road to Scenic Point
A day hike from the Akamina Parkway to Lineham Falls
Glacier National Park is best known for its spectacular scenery, wildlife, and backcountry ...
A backpack from Jackson Glacier Overlook
A long day hike or backpack from Cameron Lake to Waterton townsite to Bertha Lake, 3.5 ...
A day hike along the northwest shore of Lake McDonald from the Fish Creek Campground to ...
A day hike or short backpack from the upper boat dock. The Upper Two Medicine Lake Trail ...
This is a day hike from Walton Ranger Station to Scalplock Lookout, 4.7 miles one way. Scalplock ...
A long day hike or backpack from the Lubec trailhead to Ole Lake, 7.7 miles one way; or ...
The Cut Bank Creek Valley is a seldom-visited but beautiful valley, characterized by fir ...
The worst thing you can say about Glacier is that it doesn’t quite have the diversity ...
This is an extended backpack from Granite Park to Fifty Mountain Campground, 11.9 miles ...
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