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Best Trails Near Cooke City MT

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Cooke City has 20 trails in the vicinity, including 19 hiking trails, 8 for backpacking and 1 for other activities. These trails range from 2 to 70 miles in length. The longest trail in Cooke City is Beartooth Highway: Silver Gate to Red Lodge a well-known trail measuring 70 miles in total length. The most popular trails are Woody Falls, Lower Lake Fork Trail Lake Fork of Rock Creek and Woody Falls. member Gregory J. recently completed Beauty Lake.
Best Trails in Cooke City 20 Results
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Woody Falls is a spectacular 150-foot, three-tiered waterfall with a pool at the base. ...
This 70-mile drive passes through alpine meadows and glacial lakes at the top of the world, ...
The Republic Creek Trail begins at Cooke City and follows a high mountain meadow parallel ...
Silver Creek, a feeder stream of Soda Butte Creek, tumbles out of Mineral Mountain and ...
Round Lake is a gorgeous 24 -acre lake at a high elevation of 9,340 feet. The lake is ...
The Lower Lake Fork Trail follows the raging whitewater of the Lake Fork just above its ...
A trans-Beartooth route following the Stillwater River all the way, all downhill.
This is a long and strenuous loop through remote and untamed country. This route is about ...
Fox Lake is the first of a long chain of lakes called Crazy Lakes, and it’s a good choice ...
This is an easy day hike or overnighter to an unusually large, forest-lined lake. Rock ...
A seldom-used trail suitable for day trips or an overnight stay.
A two- or three-night, late summer shuttle trip to a string of large, forested lakes. ...
This is a moderately long day hike or easy overnighter where you can see Crazy Falls and ...
A long loop to several large wilderness lakes best suited for a three- or four-night backpack.This ...
This is a fairly long, but not strenuous, day hike or an easy overnighter to a sprawling ...
A long shuttle along a series of large, trout- filled lakes on the southwest edge of the ...
A long loop on the southwest edge of the Beartooth Plateau, best suited for at least two ...
An out-and-back trip on a well-used trail suitable for a long day trip or an over- nighter ...
A moderate day hike or easy overnighter, this is a good choice for that first backpacking ...
A nice day hike suitable for children and families.
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