Fall Walleye Fishing Tips

Fall Walleye Fishing TipsWalleye fishing in the fall can produce very large fish if you know where to find them and can handle dreary fall weather. With temperatures falling and the sun's intensity waning, walleye seek new spots to find food. In addition, females eat more to nourish their developing eggs. (Pictured: Live bait for fishing on a triple hook)

Cast in slack water in rivers

Walleyes found in rivers often will move to slack water or backwater in the fall to conserve energy. This slack water can be found on the sides of dams or downstream from bridge pillars and other obstacles that break the current. Walleye will rest in these areas and eat bait fish either in this area or along the edge of the current. Casting crank baits or night crawlers harnesses with bright colored spinner blades are the recommended lures in slack water.

Try lake channels

Lakes often will have deep channels that lead from shallow to deeper water. They are often located where the most current or wind blown water movement is located. Walleye will suspend in these areas because bait fish use them to reach the deeper water when the temperature drops. These channels can be found using either a lake topographic map or depth finder. Troll or cast deep diving crank baits and retrieval should be slow.

Try the shallows in the afternoon

Fall weather means water temperatures drop drastically and push walleye, and many other fish, deeper in the lake. During the daytime, the sun will warm the shallows, attracting the bait fish walleye feed on. It is common to see very large walleye in very shallow water searching for these bait fish. These fish can be targeted from boat or shore and casting horizontal with the shoreline will let you cover the most area. Crank baits such as Thundersticks and Rapalas work very well in these shallows as they mimic the bait fish.

Use large baits

Walleye prefer larger baits in the fall when the water temperatures cool. Jigging with large minnows or jumbo leeches will often produce large walleye. Worm harnesses with night crawlers or jumbo leeches work very well around drop-offs but must be retrieved very slowly. Large crank baits trolled slowly or cast and retrieved slowly are a very good choice late in the fall. Lures such as Fat Raps and large Thundersticks will often trigger strikes in the cold weary walleye.

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