Packing Tips for a Tropical Vacation

Packing Tips for a Tropical Vacation
Tropical vacations are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. With destinations like the Costa Rican tropical rainforest, travelers can enjoy higher temperatures and recreational activities like horseback riding, hiking, backpacking and trail riding. Find out how you can protect yourself from insect bites, sun exposure and rough shrubbery.

Protection Against Insects

To combat mosquito bites, which are common in tropical climates, pack loose, long sleeved shirts and flowing trousers. Quick drying nylon and cotton are ideal, providing optimum protection against both insects and sun. Sweat-soaked clothes provide little protection against insect bites, so pack extra shirts and pants if you are prone to excessive sweating or not accustomed to high temperatures. Use hats with netting to protect your face.

Higher Altitudes

Use convertible pants (zip-off legs), which can serve as shorts and long pants. Great for hiking and other outdoor activities, convertible pants will protect your legs from scrapes, scratches and insect bites. Long pants are also great when horseback riding. As you ride higher up a mountain, the altitude increases and the temperatures cool, and convertible pants allow you to adjust to changes in climate and environment (including wild shrubs and debris).


Pack sports sandals, which are great when traveling in a tropical climate. Sports sandals can be worn when hiking, walking, camping and fishing. If you opt for closed-toe shoes, pack a couple of pairs of socks for each day of the trip. The high temperatures in tropical locations can result in excessive sweating, especially if the feet are covered. Flip flops are a great option for the beach but not suitable for hiking or horseback riding.


Bring jackets and light sweaters when camping by the beach or boating at night. As with any activity that takes place in the forest or on volcano rims, you need protection from cooler temperatures. Lightweight pile jackets and water and wind resistant jackets are ideal. Both are manufactured to take up very little space in your luggage, backpack or fanny pack and are easy to fold and use.

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