What Are the Top 10 Vacation Spots?

What Are the Top 10 Vacation Spots?
The world offers some unusual and exciting places to visit. Making a top ten list would depend on the type of trip that interests you. Here are some of the traditional, and a few non-traditional, locations the world has to offer.


In Hawaii, which is known for its warm climate, swimming, boating and kayaking are tourist standards. The sunny weather and clear waters make underwater snorkeling and exploration a must. For a more exciting adventure, charter a scuba or deep sea fishing boat. On land, activities for first-timers include the Pearl Harbor Memorial, Volcanoes National Park and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Las Vegas

Known worldwide as the gambling and entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas has spent the past decade reinventing itself as a place for families. With year-round sun, a Vegas vacation can include city life activities such as shopping and fine restaurants, as well as top-end golf courses, hiking and bike trails.

New York

Known primarily for its diverse art and cultural sites, New York is also home to several large festivals and parks for outdoor recreation. Central Park is one of the most well-known parks in the state. Paths for bike riding and hiking, as well as playground equipment, make New York a must for vacationers.


Southern California is an area known for beaches, surfing and year-round warm weather. One of the most active areas in the United States, several parks there offer hiking trails, mountain climbing and any other activity you could imagine. Drive up the coast and reach classic San Francisco. Take a tour down Fisherman's Wharf, or view the famous Pier 39 sea lions. One of the biggest draws is the infamous Alcatraz Island, a former prison now used as a tourist attraction.


Visit the Grand Canyon for a hike or old-fashioned train ride. Explore one of the cave systems or hike up Camelback Mountain. Kayaking and whitewater rafting are big favorites, and numerous bodies of water and year-round sun make just about any vacation a pleasure.


One of Europe's forgotten areas, Croatia lies on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Fishing and water sports are quite popular. Sailing, sea kayaking and diving are becoming increasingly popular with the tourist population. Paklenica National Park is open for rock climbing and hiking.


Explore everything from beautiful beaches to tropical jungles, deserts and unique villages with a flair all their own. Surf, kayak or swim in the ocean. Charter a boat for deep sea fishing or relax with a horseback ride on the beach.

Galapagos Islands

Hike your way through Avenue of the Volcanoes to see how the islands were made. Charter a boat for underwater exploration or deep sea fishing. Take a hike to find some of the colonies of animals unique to this area. One of the rarest and most beautiful locations in the world is one not to be missed.


A haven for generations of adrenaline junkies, the possibilities here are endless. Bungee jumping, skydiving and hand gliding are some of your opportunities here. Take a break in the water for swimming, kayaking or kite surfing. Learn to ride waves in Sydney, Noosa or Byron Bay.


One of the oldest and most stunning countries in the world, Italy is ideal for food, wine or water junkies. Tour Tuscany on a motorcycle, hike or bike through the mountains or go scuba diving off the coast. Take time to stop by Gardaland, one of Italy's largest theme parks.

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