Romantic Vacation Ideas

Romantic Vacation Ideas
Never mind a cheesy hot tub shaped like a heart. A real romantic vacation is one where you can get close to nature---and the one you love. Some alluring options include a getaway into the jungle, the mountains or the Mediterranean Coast. Each can be achieved by trekking to Belize, Colorado's Rocky Mountains or the largely untouched corner of Italy known as Le Cinque Terre.


With aqua blue waters and dense, tropical rainforests, Belize has what it takes to be a prime romantic destination. You can spend your days lounging or swimming around the Central American country's deep blue Caribbean coast or opt for a more active agenda. Snorkeling and diving are popular, as Belize is home to an incredible barrier reef, a smattering of nearby islands and the Great Blue Hole, a submerged sinkhole off the coast that's touted as one of the top scuba-diving spots in the world. History buffs will enjoy the Mayan ruins while jungle lovers will adore the dense rainforests, home to an exotic array of plants and animals.

Rocky Mountains

One way to say romantic is with a spectacular Colorado sunset dipping into a Rocky Mountain canyon. Linger longer and be even further wowed by the amazing array of stars that appear in the pristine sky. Rocky Mountain National Park isn't bad in the daytime, either. More than 300 miles of hiking trails snake through the mountains, bringing you up to elevations of more than 14,000 feet. The high elevations make for a diversity of landscapes, ranging from the green valleys to the ragged rocky, peaks. Elk, deer, bighorn sheep and throngs of birds are some of the wildlife that thrive throughout. Cozy camping areas or nearby resort lodging will keep you warm, dry and comfy for the night.

Le Cinque Terre

Even though "Le Cinque Terre" does not literally translate to mean "romantic," it most certainly could. Meaning "five lands," Le Cinque Terre is composed of five villages on Italy's northwestern coast along the Mediterranean Sea. The area has been left largely untouched by modern "conveniences" and still holds the quaint, Old World charm that makes it special. Activities include soothing boat rides, chilling out at the beach, swimming the azure shores or diving and snorkeling. Lots of walking can also be on the agenda, with a noted "lover's walk" on a trail in the side of the mountain that looks out over the sea. If that's not enough, take a deeper trek back into history by strolling the cobblestone streets, narrow passageways and charming establishments found in the villages.

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