Uses for Duct Tape While Camping

Uses for Duct Tape While CampingDuct Tape has made a name for itself by being so versatile that it can be used for all number of projects throughout the house. Its uses, though, are by no means limited to your house and it can actually be one of the most crucial things to bring along with you while camping.

Repair a Tent or Netting

If your tent has a rip hole in it, you may be opening up your temporary shelter to all types of creatures and bugs, not to mention cold weather. To fix it, just tape up the hole with some Duct Tape. The same rules apply if you have holes in mosquito netting.


Fix A Leaky Bottle

If you brought along a water bottle or cup that has managed to spring a leak, repair can be easy. Just place a stripe of Duct Tape on the crack or hole and you'll be able to use the drinking vessel, at least until you can get home and get a new one.

Tape Bottom of Pants

Whether hiking or just sitting around the campfire, you never know what kind of creepy crawlies are hanging out around you. By taping your pant legs, your preventing any intruders from crawling up your pant legs and biting you where you can't protect yourself. If you're near a mosquito-filled area, you may want to tape your pants and long-sleeved shirt sleeves to stop the bites.

Wrap Bandages For Protection

When you've spent a lot of time outdoors, you know that bandages are magnets for water and dirt. By wrapping Duct Tape around your bandage, you're waterproofing it and keeping it safe from dirt. There's no cheaper and quicker way to protect your bandage than a strip of Duct Tape.

Create A Splint

You should always bring along first aid supplies to prepare for the unexpected. Duct Tape can be surprisingly helpful as a first aid tool when it comes to broken bones or sprains. Creating a make-shift splint can be very easy. Just grab a few pieces of wood and place them around the injured body part, then tape the wood tightly to the skin to prevent the joints from bending.

Hold Together Ripping Shoes

If you're the type of person who likes to really get your money's worth out of your shoes, you may actually wear them until holes start to form or the sole starts to fall off. If you do this while camping though, chances are you don't have an extra set of shoes lying around. No worries, just use some Duct Tape to fill the holes or hold your shoes together until you get home.

Article Written By Jill Harness

Jill Harness has written on a variety of subjects for more than 10 years. Her work has appeared in various print and online publications, including "San Diego City Beat," "Mental Floss," Rue The Day! and Neatorama. Harness has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from San Francisco State University.

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