Organize Your Vacation Photos With These Simple Tips

Organize Your Vacation Photos With These Simple Tips
If you are overwhelmed with loose photographs or stacks of snapshots around the house, you can learn to properly organize your images and create labels that effectively detail important aspects of your vacation. Organizing your photos does not require expensive computer software or applications. In fact, you can label and store your photos with just a simple photo album, memory box or scrapbook.


If you have a stack of photos and want to organize them in a photo album, you must first organize the photos by location, event or group and then label each group accordingly. Choose labels that effectively communicate the name of the location, the name of the event and the people or group associated with the vacation. For instance, all of the following labels, "Family Camping Vacation" or "Family Colorado Ski Trip" or "Singles Group Appalachian Trails," clearly identify a location (e.g., "Colorado" or "Appalachian Trail") name of an event (e.g., "Camping Vacation") and the name of a group (e.g., "Family Camping Vacation") Other labels could include "Business Ski Trip," or "Community Soccer Camp."

Track by Year

Organize your photos by year to track annual vacations. A yearly ski trip to Colorado is best organized by labeling each photo group by year rather than by location. To clearly label annual vacation destinations, use the specific date or time of year. A photo or photo group labeled, "June 1, 1988," or "Summer 1980," is more effective than one labeled, "Ski Trip."

Record Details About the Trip

Write the location and a small note on the back of the photograph to document special details about the event being photographed. In ten years, many details about a hiking tour, for example, may be lost or forgotten if a summary is not written somewhere for your review later. Opt for details that are important to the event and the vacation as a whole. A photograph taken at a beach in Cabo San Lucas, for example, could be labeled, "Summer vacation with Bob to Playa Cemeterio (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) in 2000." Such a label provides specific information about the vacation destination, the beach where the photograph was taken as well as the name of the person with whom the photograph was taken; all of which will allow you to remember important details about your vacation. Place the photographs in their respective order in your photo album, memory box or scrapbook.

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