Inexpensive Vacation Ideas

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas
Taking a vacation can be quite expensive but it really doesn't have to be. There are a variety of vacations that allows you to get away without spending too much money and still have a wonderful time. From outdoor adventures to trips to help others, many vacations can be inexpensive, provide plenty of entertainment and memories for years to come.

Farmstay Bed and Breakfast

Get a taste of farm life while being waited on and having the feel of a bed and breakfast. Enjoy a nice home-cooked meal each morning along with someone to change your sheets and clean your room, but go out and get your hands dirty with daily farm tasks. Learn how to milk a cow, collect eggs from the chickens, bail hay and more. A family of four can stay at a farmstay bed and breakfast for $100-$150 a night.

Dude Ranch

Visit a dude ranch. Pretend to be a cowboy and work with real cowboys riding horses, working the cattle and enjoying nature. You'll have every opportunity to feel like you're out in the Wild West as you learn the art of roping, hunting, and even how to properly barbecue and grill fresh meat. Put on the boots and hat and get ready for a real adventure on a dude ranch. Prices range from $99-200 per night per cabin while others are per person and range from $25 to $100 per person per day.

State Park Camp Trips

Camping can be one of the best vacations to take with family and friends. It's true bonding time away from all the distractions of the world and is inexpensive. There are more than 5,600 state parks in the United States. You'll have to pay a parking or entrance fee for most parks but all the activities (biking, hiking, swimming, fishing) are free as long as you have your own gear. Most parks have sites you can reserve and pay a fee to set up camp. These can range from $10 to $30 a night depending on the park and whether there is access to electricity and water. Take in the environment and enjoy all the pleasure it provides. Take your hiking boots, a fishing pole, swimsuit, bike, some marshmallows to toast around a campfire and a camera to document your experience.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas can actually be a cheap town to vacation in. The city thrives on gambling so that is where it expects to make its money, thus the hotel rooms, meals and even a lot of the entertainment are relatively inexpensive. As long as you stay away from the casinos you can enjoy a vacation filled with fun at the pools, fishing or water sports on Lake Mead and even a couple shows or extreme sports adventures all on a budget. Hotel rooms can be as cheap as $29 a night and buffets from $3.99, and there is lots of free entertainment with lights shows, water displays, street performers and more.

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