Things to Do Death Valley, California

Things to Do Death Valley, California
Death Valley, Calif., is named that because it is the lowest point of elevation in North America and one of the hottest places there is. However, despite the name, it's a beautiful and exciting place filled with lots of things to do and see. Adventures abound in Death Valley for outdoor enthusiasts ready to tackle the terrain and try something new.

Furnace Creek Golf Course

Most people wouldn't think of it, but there's a great golf course, even in the desert. The Furnace Creek Golf Course is an 18-hole course set at 214 feet below sea level. Management manages to keep the land green, and it's a challenging course so even pro golfers will have a great time.

Furnace Creek Golf Course
Hwy190 Death Valley Junction
Death Valley National Park, California 92398
(760) 786-2345


Hike Telescope Park Trail

Take a 14-mile trip that takes you past several campgrounds, up to Telescope Peak which is the highest point in the park (11,049 feet) and through a forest of rare Bristlecone Pines. Telescope Peak offers a breathtaking view of the valleys, and at that point from hiking that much, you might literally be out of breath. You should be prepared and in great shape because it is a grueling adventure.

Ballart Ghost Town

Tour the Ballart Ghost Town. Once a mining supply town, this ancient community is abandoned, and there are said to be ghosts and other happenings that haunt the remains. Hike or drive to the town and then explore for a couple hours, if you dare.

Drive Titus Canyon Road

Take a relaxing drive on Titus Canyon Road, a one-way road that takes you past a couple ghost towns, then through 12 miles of dirt roads in the foothills of the Grapevine Mountains. This is only accessible with a 4x4 vehicle and is more about taking in the sights than off-roading, but you can do your fair share of either along the way.


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