Fishing Tips for Charleston Lake, Ontario Canada

Fishing Tips for Charleston Lake, Ontario Canada
Charleston Lake is found on the southeastern edge of the province of Ontario. Numerous picnic areas, a laundromat, watersports rentals and more than 200 camping sites make this lake a bustling hub of activity year-round. A large population of bass, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as panfish and trout also make this lake one of the region's best fishing spots.

Fishing License

All anglers plying Charleston Lake's waters must possess a valid Ontario Outdoors Card from Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources, as well as a fishing license. As of September 2009, the card plus a one year fishing license is $33.25 in Canadian dollars for Ontario residents; $54 Canadian for Canadian citizens residents; and $77 for non-Canadian residents. The card and license may be purchased via telephone toll-free at (800) 387-7011, online through the Ministry of Natural Resource's website or from most provincial fishing shops and sporting goods stores. Keep the card and license with you at all times while fishing at Charleston Lake.


Charleston Lake Bait

Select your bait according to the fish species you are after. Bass and trout are the two most popular types of fish found in Charleston Lake. Both respond well to standard bait and lures, including grubs, spinners and jigs. When fishing on the lake's open waters, use crankbaits to cover as much water as possible. If fishing from the shore, you'll find many of the lake's anglers using plastic worms and jerkbaits. For best results, try live bait such as minnows. Individuals who want live bait or didn't pack their own fishing supplies can replenish their stock at Charleston Lake Bait & Tackle. This small bait shop is located off King Street before you turn onto Cedar Park Road. You will find all basic supplies here, including live bait when in season.

Charleston Lake Bait & Tackle
846 Water St
Athens, ON K0E 1B0
(613) 924-9229

Fishing Locations

Charleston Lake draws thousands of visitors annually. Increase your catching potential by avoiding the campgrounds and swimming areas lining the southern shore of the lake. Instead, take the hiking trail from Charleston Lake's first parking lot north into the marshlands bordering its western and northern edge. Here, motorboats are not allowed and you may find the fish in greater abundance than in the noisier camping areas frequented by swimmers.


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