Ghost Tours Through the South

Ghost Tours Through the South
Whether you're traveling alone, with your significant other or your family, going on some haunted tours through the Southern United States can be an exciting adventure. Staying in haunted hotels or taking a tour of some famous cemeteries can educate you on the rich history of the Southern US as well as give you an entertaining and eerie sensation.

Ghost Tours Of Galveston Island

Not only is the "Lonestar State" of Texas a popular tourism spot for places such as the Alamo, but it's also a paranormal hot spot. Ghost Tours Of Galveston Island is owned and operated by Dash Beardsley, who takes tourists on a walking tour of the island's mysterious past.

Strand and 25th Steets
Galveston Island, TX
(832) 892-7419

Appalachian Ghost Walks

Take a tour with a guide from Appalachian Ghost Walks in beautiful and scenic Tennessee. The tours are guided by lamp-light through creepy trails and over historical territories. The tour also takes you to the Paranormal Mysteries Museum, which showcases studies on life from other planets and are conducted by the United States UFO Information and Research Center.

P.O. Box 153
Unicoi, TN 37692

Reservations and Tour Information:
(423) 743-WALK (9255)

Ghost Tours Of St. Augustine

The readers of Florida Living Magazine voted this tour No. 1 for guided tours in Florida in 2008, and it has been featured on the Discovery Channel as well. The tour is guided by Sandy Craig, who shares her knowledge of the long and haunted history of the area with visitors of the tour. Packages include a driving tour, a walking tour and even a tour that takes places on a schooner boat.

P. O. Box 528
St. Augustine, FL 32085
(888) 461-1009

Haunted Parkersburg Tours

Parkersburg, West Virginia, is a historic U.S. region that has many famous ties to paranormal occurrences throughout time. The guides take visitors on a tour of several haunted houses, graveyards and other places of curiosity, while sharing haunting stories about aliens, ghosts and ghouls of Parkersburg's past.

(304) 428-7978

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