Famous Fishing Spots in Chesapeake Bay

Famous Fishing Spots in Chesapeake Bay
Though still a source of much commercial fishing, Chesapeake Bay has experienced a significant depletion of its fish, oyster and crab populations thanks to overfishing and environmental damage. However, the largest estuary in the United States remains a popular draw for anglers and those seeking shellfish. It offers many destinations for those looking for a catch, and where you put into the water often depends on what you are looking to catch.

Upper Bay

Fishing in the shallow upper bay, near the Susquehanna River, is a challenge. Striped bass, catfish and white perch are among the popular fish for anglers in this area. Popular spots in the uppermost bay include the Susquehanna Flats and Elk River Flats. Farther south, the Belvidere Shoals, Tea Kettle Shoals, Snake Reef, Love Point and Swan Point are popular. The Lower Chester River is another popular spot.

Middle Bay

In the middle bay, striped bass, croakers, black drum, flounder, trout and bluefish are popular catches. In the upper zone of this area, the most popular spots include Thomas Point Shoals, Bloody Point Bar and The Hill.
The Hill is a good location for flounder and croaker. Striped bass also can be caught there. Thomas Point is a good location for striped bass.
In the lower portion of this area, Stone Rock is a good location for trout, flounder and black drum. Clay Bank is a good spot to look for striped bass. The Summer Gooses is a good location for bluefish and striped bass.

The Lower Bay

The Lower Bay finds brackish water and salt water. Striped bass, bluefish, speckled trout and flounder are among those found in these waters. Robin Hood Bar and Ledgerock in the Virginia waters of Tangier Sound are two popular locations. Thimble Shoal, Twin Stakes and Hampton Bar are popular locations for their wealth of species, including striped bass, triggerfish, and trout. The Chesapeake Light Tower and False Cape are good places to look for mackerel.

Regulations for fishing differ depending on the state; make sure you comply with local regulations.

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