Places to Go Camping in Boiling Springs

Places to Go Camping in Boiling Springs
Boiling Springs, a small rural town in southern Pennsylvania nestled in the South Mountains, gained its moniker from the bubbles in the center of the lake in town. These bubbles arise from water seeping up from caverns under the lake's surface. Boiling Springs lies on the Appalachian Trail, a foot trail stretching from Maine to Georgia.

Darlington Shelter

Shelters or three-sided lean-tos along the Appalachian Trail offer hikers and backpackers alike shelter from inclement weather. One of the better shelters on the trail, Darlington Shelter was replaced in 2005 by Appalachian Trail volunteers from the Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew. This shelter is located just over 14 trail miles (not road miles) from the center of Boiling Springs. The site also provides multiple tent pads that will support one- or two-person tents.

Darlington Shelter
Appalachian Trail
14 miles north of Boiling Springs


Deer Run Campground

Deer Run Campground, just outside Boiling Springs, offers all the comforts of modern living. In addition to tent spots, hook-ups for RVs and plenty of parking, the campground also provides a pavilion for outdoor events, a large swimming pool, horseshoes, bingo and wagon rides. Some events catered to children and parents. Campers and RVers must make at least a two-night commitment to make reservations.

Deer Run Campgrounds
111 Sheet Iron Roof Rd
Gardners, PA 17324
(717) 486-8168

Mountain Creek Campground

Mountain Creek Campground, located just outside Boiling Springs, caters to RV enthusiasts and tent campers. The campground has hook-ups for RVs, as well as a honey-wagon service (for sewage removal) and cabins for those who seek the safety and comfort of four walls. In addition to hiking and biking, campers have the option to attend activities at the site, including parades, Easter egg hunts and outdoor concerts.

Mountain Creek Campground
349 Pine Grove Road
Gardners, PA 17324
(717) 486-7681


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