SCUBA Diving Lessons in San Diego

SCUBA Diving Lessons in San Diego
If you want to learn how to safely use scuba skills for commercial or recreational underwater diving in Southern California, group or private scuba diving lessons in San Diego can equip you with the theoretical knowledge and practical training. Since scuba diving is 39 to 62 times more dangerous than driving a car according to a Japanese study, taking lessons are vital. Instruction ensures that you traverse San Diego's water hazards---primarily underwater rocks, reefs and rip currents---with ease.

Private Scuba Lessons

Private lessons afford you one-on-one attention and tutelage. Although they cost more---2009 prices for certification start at $1,400 per person---the classes allow you to receive your scuba certification in as little as four days. Snorkel San Diego Scuba schedules the program with your timetable in mind. You receive a private instructor, all the equipment, five training dives in a pool and four practice dives in the ocean. If you are already certified but plan on move ahead with your training opt for the private advanced scuba lessons that include the instructor, gear and five ocean practice dives.

Snorkel San Diego Scuba
3939 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 539-0054

Free Scuba Course with Equipment Purchase

The Diving Locker offers the next best thing to private scuba lessons: Instructors limit class sizes to no more than four to six student divers. You need to rent or buy your equipment to participate in these lessons. Beginners must complete three days of four-hour lessons of pool dives before heading for the ocean. Earn your basic scuba certification after five days and a cumulative 30 hours of instruction. Costs for the initial certification start at $299 per student; those who purchase all their gear from Diving Locker receive their scuba course free of charge.

Diving Locker
6167 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 292-0547

Lessons for Families with Children

Children as young as 12 may receive an open water diver certification at the junior level. Dive California caters to families who want to learn together. There are five to six students in each open water diving class. Bring your own scuba gear to the lessons or purchase it directly from the instructor. If you suffer from any medical conditions the scuba instructor may require you to obtain a medical clearance from a doctor before allowing you to participate in the courses. You may complete the classroom training on your own online; once you pass the written test you may begin your pool training which lasts about four to six hours. Thereafter you graduate to ocean diving.

Dive California
4004 Sports Arena Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 222-0060

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