Ireland Travel Ideas

Ireland Travel Ideas
Ireland is a beautiful place to visit that seems to transport you back in time just by setting foot on it. The Old World charm is apparent in many of the structures and scenery around the country, making Ireland ideal for hiking. As in the UK, golfing opportunities are many, on classic courses.


If you are a golfer and traveling through Ireland, then you must not pass up the opportunity to play a round surrounded by wild and beautiful scenery. You can create an entire vacation touring the courses and be able to go back home and brag about the experience. Ireland Golf can help plan out your vacation so that you get the most play time out of your stay in Ireland.

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HIke the Castles

Plan hikes to visit the old castle structures of Ireland and be transported back to the time when there was actually a need for these fortified structures. Compare castles built in different times and the changes that were made over the years to improve their function. Many of the castles have other activities on-site such as caves or trails and garden tours.

Stay in nearby towns and delve into the history that surrounds each area. This is a wonderful way to learn about the history of Ireland piece by piece, and enjoy the Emerald Isle's gorgeous countryside.

Tour by Train

Take a vacation in which you travel the countryside by train. With a map of the country and a train schedule, you can plan a route of your own destinations. Trains travel to most areas within Ireland, and buses are available to take you on into the smaller towns and villages. A link below in Resources will take you to the train scheduling site. There are many places within the country to stop and enjoy outdoor activities, such as Killarney or Wicklow. These towns, like many others, are near national parks and other outdoor areas. The town of Killarney has Killarney National Park right outside of town with hiking trails both easy and difficult, walking gardens, bike trails, and a castle.

Wicklow is a coastal town with a short drive to Wicklow Mountains National Park. The park has many trails to hike, and exploring is encouraged. Rock climbing, fishing, and cycling are other activities you might enjoy at this location. There is camping available in the town of Wicklow and along the coast down to Arklow, or if you are up for the adventure, wilderness camping is allowed by permit within certain areas of the park.

Killarney National Park
Killarney Town
Co. Kerry

Wicklow Mountains National Park
Kilafin, Laragh
Co. Wicklow

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