Things to Do in Lake Garda

Things to Do in Lake Garda
Surrounded by steep, high mountain slopes, northern Italy's Lake Garda is the largest lake in Europe. The region is a popular resort destination, because of its mixture of natural beauty, rich history and a mild micro-climate that makes it pleasant in winter and summer. Between the lake and the hills, there is an array of outdoor activities on land and on the lake's placid waters.

Biking and Hiking

The slopes around the lake offer an idyllic rural setting of mountain wildflowers, vineyards, wild herbs and orchards of lemon and olive trees. There are a number of routes in the area for both road and mountain bikers, as well as a network of trails. Many of the mountain bike and hiking trails are one and the same, and these frequently involve passing through small villages and making steep climbs up to and alongside high cliffs that offer excellent views of the lake area.

Water Sports

The large surface area and steady winds around Lake Garda make it a good place for renting a sailboat and taking it out on the lake. There are both sailboats and sailing catamarans available. It is also possible to go windsurfing and para-sailing there. The lake also offers some scuba diving, with the lake's size and depth offering clearer waters than is normally the case with freshwater diving.

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Rock Climbing

The lake's surroundings feature some dramatic cliff-faces, especially around the town of Arco, which has become the base for area rock climbing. It is a good place to learn how to climb, as there are schools with good climbing walls in the town. After learning the basics (or building on them with an advanced class), there are a selection of cliff faces in the nearby area offering a range of challenges. A related activity in the area is canyoning, or going down waterfalls by sliding, diving or abseiling.

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