What Kind of Animals Live in the Catskill Mountains?

Catskill Park in New York
The Catskill Mountains in New York State are located west of the Hudson River and about 100 miles to the northwest of the huge metropolitan area of New York City. The state's capital, Albany, is to the northeast of the Catskills, which has as many as 30 mountains that have an elevation of at least 3,500 above sea level. The Catskills cover more than six counties and six thousand square miles in terms of area, with almost half of this land dedicated to the Catskills Park and Forest Preserve, home to many different kinds of animals.

Larger mammals

White Tail Deer

The white-tailed deer (picture above) is the most plentiful of the large mammals living in the Catskill Mountains. It is not the only member of the deer family found in this region however, since an occasional moose sighting is made. The black bear is also native to the Catskill ecosystem as are other predators such as the bobcat, the coyote, the red fox and the gray fox. The rivers, ponds and streams of the Catskill Mountains are home to beaver, the largest rodent found in the United States.


Smaller mammals


Smaller mammals living in the Catskill territory include the long-tailed weasel (picture above), the mink, the woodchuck, the muskrat and the opossum. Various types of moles like the eastern mole and the star-nosed species inhabit this section of New York as do voles like the meadow vole and the woodland vole. Red and gray squirrels are commonly seen and there are no less than four species of tiny shrews found in the Catskills. Types of mice like the white-footed mouse and the field mouse enjoy large populations in this combination of forests, hills, fields and mountains. Other smaller mammals found in the Catskills are the cottontail rabbit and a few classes of bats. The porcupine is also an inhabitant of this place.

Reptiles and amphibians

painted turtle

There are numerous kinds of snakes found throughout the Catskills, with the timber rattler, copperhead and eastern massasuaga being the only venomous species. Milk snakes, ring neck snakes, garter snakes, ribbon snakes, hog-nosed snakes, northern racers and water snakes are also common snakes of this vicinity. Turtles like the snapping turtle, bog turtle, painted turtle (picture above) and the box turtle are also here. Bullfrogs, tree frogs, green frogs, newts and salamanders live in the Catskills too.



Sharp shinned hawk

Many birds of prey call the Catskill Mountains home, in addition to a multitude of common bird species such as cardinals, chickadees, warblers, sparrows, woodpeckers, swallows and thrushes. The golden eagle and the bald eagle are found in the Catskills along with the northern goshawk, the Cooper's hawk, the red-tailed hawk, the red-shouldered hawk and the sharp-shinned hawk (picture above). Also present are such raptors as the osprey, the barn owl, the great horned owl and the eastern screech owl. Game birds such as ducks, geese, wild turkeys, grouse and bobwhite also populate the Catskills.

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