Inexpensive Vacation Ideas for Couples

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas for Couples
Romantic excursions need not be pricey, extravagant ventures. All over the world, there are sunsets and spectacular vistas available to anyone willing to make the trip. Focus on destinations and accommodations within your budget, and you'll be able to enjoy quality time together without breaking the bank.

National Parks

Flying can get expensive but, with the price of gas, it may not be worth it to drive a long way for a romantic getaway. Why not go to a national or state park in the state you live in. The "big name" parks like the Grand Canyon in Arizona or Yosemite in California are great destinations, but for a romantic getaway sometimes the less popular parks are the best destinations. From gorgeous seaside nature reserves like Point Reyes National Seashore in California to dramatic mountainous terrain like the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, there are spectacular outdoor destinations in every state where couples can camp out on the cheap.


If you and your partner are music fans or just people who enjoy getting a taste of local culture and seasonal celebration, consider taking a weekend retreat to a festival. Young, artistic couples may enjoy the epic scale and unfettered self-expression of Nevada's Burning Man Festival. For a more low-key experience, take in a local food fest such as Michigan's National Cherry Festival. There are also musical festivals devoted to nearly any genre, film festivals, history celebrations and, of course, state fairs. Even the most expensive festivals seldom cost more than a few hundred dollars, and many charge only a pittance for admittance.

Last-Minute Travel

Last-minute travel is a great option for budget conscious couples with flexible schedules. If you don't mind waiting a couple days to make your travel plans, you can often find airfare, accommodations and even cruises for next to nothing. Sign up for last-minute fare alerts from travel companies like Kayak to have travel deals sent directly to you. You may not get to travel to your favorite destination, but you should be able to find somewhere nice to go.

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