Things That Tourists Can Do in Cozumel

Things That Tourists Can Do in Cozumel
Whether you get to Cozumel on a cruise ship or airplane, it becomes clear it is not a sleepy little beach town. The activities on the land or water are all geared with tourists in mind, and many of those are custom made for those with an active lifestyle. Whether your plans call for staying on the island or taking a ferry to the mainland to explore Mayan ruins, a trip to Cozumel assures you will never be bored.

Snorkeling and Diving

These are the classic activities for anyone spending a few hours or more in Cozumel, Mexico. The azure but clear waters beckon those who are drawn to all kinds of aquatic life. Sharks, eels and many types of fish can be seen very close to shore, making it convenient as well. Whether exploring from a boat or from shore, there is always plenty to see right under the water.


Whether you are trying to land that trophy marlin for sport or want to dine on grouper, Cozumel offers some of the best charter fishing in the world. Those going by cruise ship should understand they cannot take their catch back on board with them. However, there are a number of restaurants on the island that will cook your catch for you. Fishing licenses are included on most, if not all, charters leaving from the island.

Dolphin Interaction

While marine mammals, and dolphins in particular, fascinate many people, very few actually ever get the chance to swim or interact with them. Fewer still get the chance to swim with manatees and sea lions. In Cozumel, all of this can take place in the span of a few short hours. Dolphin and marine mammal interactions are available at various price ranges, including options that allow you to swim with the animals.

Horseback Riding

For those who want to go horseback riding on a beach or through a jungle, often the choice of locations will take them to two very different locations. In Cozumel, both are available in the same location. The beach ride and the typically less expensive jungle ride both cater to cruise ship excursions and those staying on the island.

Mayan Ruins

For history buffs who also like to do a little hiking and jungle exploring, a trip to Mayan ruins may hold the greatest allure. Cozumel happens to be located right near the epicenter of one of the great pre-Columbian cultures in the New World. Gaining insight into the Mayan people is as quick as catching a ferry to the mainland and hopping aboard a tour bus.

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