Couples Vacation Ideas

Couples Vacation Ideas
Get out of town with someone you love. Turn the computer off, leave the cell phone at home, have your brother feed the dog, and take off on vacation. Whatever the reason, a vacation for just the two of you, whether to a snowy hut in Bhutan, the hinterland of Tierra del Fuego or a busy beach in Sydney, Australia, everyone needs a vacation.


Vacation together in luxury while surrounded by exotic surroundings in Central Vietnam. Named one of the "Top 10 Hotels in Vietnam" by the Vietnam Tourism Commision for seven years running, the Furama Resort Da Nang offers professional service and a beachfront setting. Rooms are immaculate, tastefully designed and comfortable. Visitors can book just a room, or a package that includes chef-tailored buffet meals with a choice of Vietnamese, Japanese or European cuisine. The resort also offers massage treatments and has a PADI- certified dive shop on the premises. The backdrop of the resort is formed by the lush, green Annamite Mountains. Nearby, Back Ma National Park is home to representatives of half of all mammal species found throughout the country, including several rare species. Also, plan on visiting Hue, the former imperial capital during the Nguyen Dynasty.

Furama Resort Da Nang
68 Ho Xuan Huong Street
Bac My An, Da Nang City
011 (84) 511 3847 333

Bach Ma National Park
Vuon Quoc gia Bach Ma
Thua Thien, Hue
011 (84) 54 3871 330


Trail large prides of lions while trying not to get roasted by the hot African sun. Though full of national parks and game reserves, those with no more than a couple of weeks should be sure to visit the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hallmark of the conservation area is Ngorongoro Crater, a massive caldera with floor space exceeding 102 square miles. It is within this crater that visitors will encounter healthy-sized populations of many large mammals. Large lion prides, elephants, giraffes, car-sized black rhinoceros, thousands of zebra, hippopotamus, gazelles, elands and wildebeests. Views from the crater rim are exceptional. Also, a part of the conservation area is Olduvai Gorge, a jewel for anthropologists and the site of the oldest known specimens of the human genus. Plan on staying at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, along the caldera rim, for morning views of the park over a cup of Tanzanian peaberry coffee.

Tanzanian Tourist Board
Ngorongoro Conservation Area
P.O. Box 2384
Arusha, Tanzania
011 (+225) 27 2503 842

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Private Bag X 27
Benmore, Johannesburg 2010
South Africa
011 (+27) 11 809 4314

Cayman Islands

Stay closer to home with a trip to the Cayman Islands. One of the most pristine areas of the Caribbean, the three islands that make up the Cayman archipelago each have something different to offer. Those needing time to fall asleep together in a hammock while lodging in a resort or villa should head to Seven Mile Beach, just north of George Town on Grand Cayman. On the other hand, those couples looking for a dive vacation might consider Little Cayman, home to world-class dive sites such as the near vertical, underwater cliffs of the Bloody Bay Marine Park. Lastly, for hiking and discovering local flora and fauna, Cayman Brac and its long central ridge offer beginners and the extremely fit multiple miles of trails and overlooks to share a picnic upon or a sweet kiss.

Cayman Islands
P.O. Box 67
Grand Cayman, KY1-1102
Cayman Islands
011 (345) 949-0623

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