Best Places to Travel in Europe

Best Places to Travel in Europe
Europe, the western edge of the Eurasian continent is patchwork of 50 countries from England in the West all the way to the Ukraine in the east. A land of history and contrast, Europe has much to offer the prospective traveler. When choosing where to go, many factors, such as language, climate, activities and cost, have to be considered. Some of the most popular destinations are described below.

Western Europe

Western Europe consists of the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal. Among the many amazing cities and cultural sites in Western Europe, some consider the best, London, England. The seat of culture and the seat of government of England, London is a diverse city of art, culture, history and nightlife.

Central Europe

Central Europe consists of Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are also located in the center of Europe. Of these many diverse nations, the must-see has to be Rome, Italy. Once the heart of the ancient Roman Empire, modern day Rome is still a vital capital and cultural center. Explore ancient ruins, Vatican city, art, culture and modern fashion all in one place.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe includes Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Austria, Romania, Hungary and more. Culturally different from the west of Europe, visiting Eastern Europe a traveler will have a very different experience. Prague in the Czech Republic is considered the best destination in this area by some. Once the seat of the Holy Roman Empire and one of the few cities in Europe not destroyed in war, Prague is full of beautiful, Gothic architecture and boasts some of the best beer in the world.

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