What Are Five Famous Vacation Spots in Mexico?

What Are Five Famous Vacation Spots in Mexico?
Mexico's geographical diversity alone makes it a worthy vacation destination. From the Chihuahuan Desert to the ruins of Chichen Itza, and from the mountains of Oaxaca to the beaches of Tulum, visitors will find there is a great deal of ground to be discovered. Whether exploring the country or the urban streets of Mexico City, visitors will find much of interest.


Escape the Yucatan Peninsula and catch the ferry boat to Cozumel. Though the main town of San Miguel is periodically invaded by cruise ships, Cozumel is still the best place in Mexico to scuba dive. Drift dives along the southwestern edge of the island are particularly ripe with marine life. Small Mayan ruins can be found towards the more rural eastern side of the island as well as some decent surf spots.

Isla Cozumel
2006 Calle 2 Norte #299-B
Colonial Centro, Cozumel, Quintana Roo
77600, Mexico
011 (+52) 987 872 7636


Step into the mouth of the Sea of Cortez in Mazatlan. The largest port in Mexico and a popular tourist destination for foreigners and locals alike, Mazatlan is known for its seaside hotels and resorts. Activities here include snorkeling along Stone and Deer island, scuba diving, kayaking and walking tours. Also of note, just north of the city visitors can discover the protected forest land of the 125,000 acre La Meseta de Cacaxtla, home to Toltec petroglyphs and a significant bird population.

Asociacion de Hoteles, Moteles y Empresas Turisticas de Mazatlan
Avenida Camaron Sabalo, Centro Comercial Las Palmas 333 L-41
Mazatlan, Sinaloa
82110, Mexico
011 (+52) 669 916 5782


Visit one of the most popular Mayan archaeological sites at the former city-state of Palenque. Located in the state of Chiapas, 130km south of Ciudad del Carmen, Palenque reached its height during the 7th century and was virtually abandoned when the Spaniards first arrived. Though not the largest Mayan site, Palenque is special in that its pyramids, temples, bas-relief carvings, stealae, tombs and hieroglyphic inscriptions are among the most extensive and best preserved of all such sites.

Informacion Turistica Palenque Chiapas


Drive south on Highway 1D from San Diego to Ensenada. One of the most popular destinations immediately south of the U.S. border, Ensenada is a well-known escape hatch for those needing a break. Surfing along this stretch of the coast is popular as is windsurfing, and the surrounding area is home to some of Mexico's best vineyards. Also, Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park is a rugged mountain area near the city and known for its scenic hiking trails that pass through pine forests and granite formations.

Ensenada Tourism Trust
Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas 609 -- 5
Ensenada, B.C. Mexico 22800
011 (+52) 646 178 8588


Set up base camp in Monterrey for a foray into the Sierra Madre mountains. Set in the foothills and surrounded by mountains, Monterrey offers outdoor enthusiasts many choices including El Potrero Chico and La Huasteca climbing areas, La Estanzuela State Park, a river and forest area, and the Parque Ecologico Chipinque, primarily known for its oak and pine forests. Each of these areas is a part of the Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey.

Government of Monterrey Tourism Section
Padre Raymundo Jardon
946 Barrio Antiguo
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
011 (+52) 0181 8150 6700

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