Things to Do in Bandon, Oregon

Things to Do in Bandon, Oregon
Bandon is a seaside resort town in southwestern Oregon. Popular because of its golf courses and cranberry industry (including the popular Cranberry Festival), Bandon is a popular destination for those pursuing water sports, storm watching and hiking, as some of the rock formations and beach dunes in the area cannot be found anywhere else in the state.

Coquille River Lighthouse

Built in 1896, the Coquille River lighthouse has a 40-foot tower and a series of last-generation Fresnel lens. While the lighthouse was settled on a small islet, it was connected to the mainland by a wooden walkway, allowing the keeper to live on safe ground, rather than on the islet, which was subject to unexpected high tides on a regular basis. The lighthouse was eventually abandoned and then restored in 1976 to 1979. The interior is not open to the public except during summer guided tours. The lighthouse can be reached by walking the coast of Bullards State Beach Park. The park itself has campgrounds, hiking and bike trails, picnicking, riding stables, historic sites and a forest.

Bullards State Beach Park
Bandon, Oregon 97415
(541) 347-2209

Water Sports

Bandon is a popular destination for lovers of the sea. Water sports are big here and those who want to tackle the waves can try anything from jet boats to water skiing to windsurfing. Just 17 miles outside of Bandon, Floras Lake is a favorite destination for windsurfing, as the winds are consistently flowing at an average of 20 knots. Water is a warm 68 degrees in the summer and ideal for swimming as well. Jet boats can be rented or hired (so you can water ski), or you can take a cruise around the bay and simply enjoy the views while sipping a cocktail. Beach combing, dune buggy rides and kite flying are also popular on the shore.

Floras Lake Windsurfing
92870 Boice Cope Road
Langlois, Oregon 97450
(541) 348-9912

The Prehistoric Gardens

Oregon's rain forest is a natural space where prehistoric plants still grow. Giant-size ferns, primitive plant forms, moss-covered trees and a dense ground make this look like a land lost in time. To make the feel more real, life-size reproductions of dinosaurs and giant reptiles are scattered throughout the garden, waiting to be discovered after a turn or a walk through the dense forest. This is an ideal place for hiking. There are marked trails, but visitors can also wander off and explore the surroundings. All animals were handmade by sculptor E.V. Nelson, who eventually turned the area into the roadside attraction it is now.

The Prehistoric Gardens
36848 Highway 101 South
Port Orford, Oregon 97465
(541) 332-4463

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