Types of Family Camping Tents

Types of Family Camping TentsCamping is a great recreational activity for the whole family. Not only will you get to relax, but it can also be quite educational. The children will get to see wildlife and participate in outdoor activities that they normally wouldn't experience in everyday life. Housing the family will be the main concern when camping. There are all sorts of tents you can choose from in a vast array of sizes and prices. Of course, you'll want to choose one that will accommodate the whole crew comfortably.

Cabin Tents

Cabin tents are great if you're looking for a large tent with a ton of space. These type of tents can usually accommodate six people rather comfortably. Cabin tents are made up of one large room and are high enough that even a tall person can stand upright in them. They look like one big, square looking cabin. They usually have the old-fashioned outside pole system that holds them up. The tents are also not that hard to put together. These type of tents have been around for quite awhile now. If you're looking for a tent that's big and roomy, go with a cabin tent. Cabin tents can range in price from $100 on up, depending on which one you choose to go with.


Single Dome Tents

Single dome tents are probably the easiest tent to put up. Their poles work on a bungee system and the tent is quite compact when taken down and rolled up. Usually there are only two main bungee poles, that hold the entire tent up, with a cover over the top. These type of tents come in a range of sizes from smallish, accommodating one or two people, to large ones that can accommodate four to six people. Of course, you won't have the same room as in a cabin tent, but their ease in putting up and moving them, make them a great camping asset. If camping with a family, you might need to purchase two dome tents, so everyone will be comfortable and have enough space. Single dome tents range in price from quite inexpensive. If you are tall, be sure to check what the inside height of the tent is, that's labeled on the outside of the tent box.

Multiple Room Dome Tents

Multiple room dome tents come in an array of different sizes and styles. They are a little more pricey than their single dome cousins, but if you're looking for extra rooms and space, they're the way to go. They work on the same bungee pole system as the single dome tent, they're just more bungee poles to work with. Multiple room dome tents, are still rather easily put up. You can find these tents with screened rooms attached to the main quarters, giving you a place to sit if you're caught in the rain while camping. They also come with smaller dome tents attached to the sides of the main section. This will give you the ability to have someone sleep in the smaller side dome, freeing up more space, or a place to store your belongings. Multiple room dome tents can range in price. If you're a tallish person, be sure to note what the inside height of the tent is.

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