What to Use for Bait When Trout Fishing

What to Use for Bait When Trout FishingTrout, in several different varieties, including the famous rainbow trout, are found throughout the United States. They are excellent for both catch-and-release fishing and for anglers who are fishing for food. While many anglers use flies or lures to fish for trout, there are a number of other bait options when it comes to trout fishing.

Synthetic Bait

Synthetic bait is a relative newcomer to the world of fishing. There are several varieties, the most recognizable of which is Berkeley Powerbait. This brightly colored, strongly smelling bait comes in small jars and it can be rolled into a small ball and placed on your hook. The smell and the color are both specifically designed to be highly responsive to the trout, and many fishermen swear by these.


Salmon Eggs

Preserved salmon eggs are a popular bait selection for many fish, including trout. Most often these are bright red, but may be found in a variety of colors, as well as with various flavorings or other additives to make them more attractive to trout. They are widely available at any fishing store, as well as most sporting goods stores or department stores with fishing departments.

Live Bait

The traditional garden variety earthworm is a classic for a reason. This is still an excellent bait selection for trout. However, there are many other live bait selections that trout will respond to as well, including grasshoppers, larva and mealworms. These are often available at fishing supply stores. Preserved worms, such as bloodworms and mealworms, can also be found at pet shops, where they are sold as food for fish and small amphibians.

People Food

Corn is commonly used as a trout bait, particularly for farmed trout, that is, those in ponds stocked purely for the purpose of fishing. However, many other foods are used in trout fishing as well, including cheese and marshmallows. You can also purchase treated, colored and flavored marshmallows at many outdoor supply stores and fishing shops.

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