Salmon Fishing Rods

Salmon Fishing Rods
Whether you are on your way to a lake known to contain plentiful amounts of salmon or you are planning an Alaskan fishing trip that involves stream fishing and maybe even a hunt for salmon during their spawning runs, you know that finding the right salmon fishing rods for your needs is a challenge. Not only is the store filled with all-purpose rods, but in some cases there is a shortage of the locale-specific rods you might need so as to maximize your chances for a good catch. Learn which salmon fishing rods are a must for your next trip.

Salmon Fishing Rods for Casting

Cast with a Pflueger Criterion Baitcast rod and reel combo that is sturdy enough to let you reel in heavier salmon as well as smaller species. These kinds of salmon fishing rods retail for slightly more than the average all-purpose fishing rod, but they are well worth the investment. This is a very forgiving rod, especially if you are a novice or given to horsing with the fish rather than reeling them in with a bit more finesse. While the line may still break, the odds of this rod snapping in the process are slim.

Salmon Fishing Rods for Saltwater Trolling

Invest in a saltwater trolling salmon fishing rod if you anticipate prolonged and repeated use. The typical IGFA XLH70 series rod is made with Kevlar to prevent breakage that comes from hooking bigger fish and also dealing with the pull of the water during trolling. Due to its marine component use, the saltwater will not hurt the rod or its components. Although a heavy duty uni-tasker, this kind of rod is a must if you are trolling.

Spinning Salmon Fishing Rods

Notice that other salmon anglers are likely to use a spinning rod. A good example is the Berkley Buzz Ramsey Air IM7 that works well for the novice and also the experienced fisher. Since the length of this rod exceeds 8 feet, you have a good chance of casting further away from the shore and thus have the opportunity to attract the fish that are closer to the bottom in the vegetation, which oftentimes marks the middle of a lake. This is a freshwater rod and should not be used in the ocean waters.

Salmon Fly Fishing Rods

Fly fishing for salmon that are roughly 9 lb. or slightly above requires a sturdy rod that has sufficient give for fly casting. This is a great option for a stream that moves too fast for bait. A typical fly fishing rod for salmon would be the Topwater by Albright. It is a multitasker; in addition to salmon fly fishing, it allows for catching bass and also hooking large trout.

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