Sightseeing Tours in New York City

Sightseeing Tours in New York City
There are plenty of sight-seeing tours in New York City. While riding a bus, ferry or helicopter has plenty to offer, there is something to be said for getting a different look at the city by choosing a different way to get around. Innovative tour companies are filling that need by offering paddling, biking and walking tours that explore the Big Apple in an unhurried, up close and personal way.

Bike the Big Apple

New York has been making a push over the last few years to become more bike-friendly. In fact, it is currently ranked on of the United States' most "bike-friendly" cities. This trend has led to a growth in bike tours of the city. While most center themselves on the bike-friendly environment of Central Park, Bike the Big Apple will take you further afield on its tours.

There are tours exploring the ethnic neighborhoods of New York, a special tour of Brooklyn, plus popular skyline and Brooklyn Bridge sunset tours. The tour guides boast an encyclopedic knowledge of the best bike routes in the city, and keep the pace chill enough to accommodate casual as well as experienced riders.

If you ride a bike, you know how intimately you get in touch with your surroundings--what better place to take advantage of this fact than New York?

Bike the Big Apple
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Central Park Walking Tour

The crown jewel of New York, Central Park, is best experienced by walking. In the green fields, paths, and woods of this urban refuge, you can forget for a few minutes that you Are in the middle of one of the world's great cities.

New York City Vacation Packages offers a well-constructed three-hour walking tour of Central Park that takes in many of the attractions of both the park and the surrounding neighborhoods. It is a great reminder that New York isn't just big buildings, and Times Square--it's a place where people live, work and play.

New York City Vacation Packages

Manhattan Kayak Company Tours

Here is a different twist on seeing New York from the water--rather than sitting on a tour boat, get out on the water and paddle. Located on the Hudson, in the Chelsea neighborhood, the Manhattan Kayak Company offers dozens of different kayak tours of the NYC waterfront, ranging from short trips for novices to long trips for experienced paddlers. Short tours run the gamut from sightseeing to paddle and pub adventures, while the trips for experienced paddlers include trips to Coney Island and Manhattan circumnavigations. Whatever your choice, you will get a different look at the city than any other sightseeing tour.

Manhattan Kayak Company
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